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  • Mohammad Sayeeduddin

    Thank you very much. I am in Jeddah now.. My knees are ok. It was a good deci

  • Sai Teja

    I am Sai, I came to Sunshine to get a jaw corrective surgery. As a kid, I missed

  • Mrs Nand Kanwar Bhati

    It needs no emphasis to state that Dr.Gurava Reddy and his team of orthopaedic s

  • Nwoke Chinwe

    Nwoke Chinwe On behalf of Nwoke Grace Nigeria I, Nwoke Chinwe, on behalf of

  • Rama Krishna Mandan

    My wife, Poonam, was operated for bilateral TKR by Dr. Chiranjeevi. An excellent

  • Ramesh Reddy

    My father recently met with a bike accident and fractured his leg bone. We rushe

  • Kanneganti Prasad G K

    We admitted my mother-in-law at Sunshine for total knee replacement for both leg

  • Santosh Tiwari

    I would like to express my satisfactory happiness to the Sunshine Management and

  • Din Dinesh Sharma Kopparthy

    An excellent multispeciality patient friendly hospital.....Only hospital in the

  • Poojitha Reddy

    My mother was admitted here for a bladder repair surgery and was here for a mont

  • Ramesh Brahamannagari

    My wife was admitted at Sunshine for treatment. Our NTPC colleague has suggested

  • Mahitha Priya

    My mother Jameema, 53-years-old was recently admitted here for septoplasty treat

  • Sankeerth Perla

    My father, 58 yrs old got admitted at the hospital for a Bypass Surgery. We chos

The Sunshine Group

Sunshine has branches in multiple locations in and around Hyderabad. All our centres are equipped to offer world class services.


Sunshine has been ranked among the top 7 best hospitals by ‘THE WEEK MAGAZINE-NIELSEN SURVEY 2014’

Media Coverage

Sunshine has gained extensive media coverage for emergency trauma care facility and outstanding surgical treatments.

Knee Implant Ceiling Prices

Sunshine is committed to providing evidence-based treatments and assure best results.

Stent Pricing

Sunshine aims to provide quality stents at competitive prices, just for your good health.

Latest Health Blogs

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    The world is spinning around you. You can't stand still. You feel like you are going to throw up and collapse. If that happens to …
  • 13Feb
    Martial arts are some worldwide popular sports and a form of exercise. Karate is one of the martial arts which is the most practiced sport …
  • 13Feb
    What Is Minimally Invasive Surgery? Surgery traditionally brings a gust of fear and anxiety even though it actually attempts to cure a disease. And there …
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    Dr. P. Ranganadham – Andhrajyothy – Neurosurgeon – Occassion of World Epilepsy Day



    Rare Surgery (Combined Heart Surgery – CABG + Tumour removal) Performed by Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar



    Rare Surgery (Combined Heart Surgery – CABG + Tumour removal) Performed by Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar

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