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Because, ‘normal’ is always good!

Childbirth is one of the biggest events in any couple’s lives, and more often than not, choosing the right obstetrician and gynaecologist becomes a critical decision. With Sunshine Hospitals making its presence felt at Gachibowli, we thought we’d make this decision easier for you. Dr A Bhavani, our senior consulting obstetrician and gynaecologist is now available at Sunshine, Gachibowli, from Mondays to Saturdays from 5-7pm. Outpatient consulting will start in a month, so if you are looking at booking an appointment, please reach out to us at 8100506070. Dr Bhavani believes that a normal delivery is the best option, and she strives to ensure that everybody gets a fair chance at it, to ensure that there are no complications of c-section. So, with Dr Bhavani joining Sunshine Gachibowli, you and your baby will be in very good hands!