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Heel The Heal – Treatments for Achilles Tendonitis

Most of us play different sports or played different sports when we were younger. We walk, run, jump.

Does anyone wonder how the body carries out the functions of walking, running and even jumping?

When we walk, which is one of the most basic activities we do everyday, our legs and our feet are the two major parts of the body which are at work. If our legs were not attached to the feet, no activity would be possible.

The biggest tendons in the body, the Achilles Tendon is responsible to carry out the movement of the legs. This tendon connects the calf muscles of the body to the heel bone.

All of us have experienced a pain in the feet and heels at some point in our lives.

Many-a-times, intense activities such as sports, brisk walking or running continuously for a long time, adds extra pressure on the heels, which in turn, results in the swelling of the heel. A condition called Achilles Tendonitis affects our body which is basically a severe swelling of the heel due to overuse or due to an injury.

The condition of Achilles Tendonitis is by definition, the swelling, inflammation or the degeneration of the Achilles tendon.

It is of utmost importance to treat Achilles Tendonitis in the right time to prevent permanent damage of the heel post consultation with a reputed Orthopedist or a clinic which specializes in Orthopedics.

Treatment of Achilles Tendonitis:

Any kind of damage or injury to the body is bad if not treated on an immediate basis. Keeping the injury or wound for a long time as well all or most of us know results in infection or may result in permanent damage.

The same case is with this condition. If the swelling or inflammation is not treated or looked after immediately, it may cause permanent damage to the heel of the person.

Most of the people who are affected with this condition are either athletes or play some kind of sport every day.

Treatment of Achilles Tendonitis

The treatment for Tendonitis involves:

  • Ice: For an acute injury on the tendon, applying an ice pack or only ice on the affected area for 10 minutes every hour reduces the inflammation and the swelling to some extent.
  • Rest: Rest is highly important so as to ensure there is no more pressure put on the heel which might increase the pain and the swelling as well.
  • Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Medicine: Drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen help in reducing the pain which occurs due to the swelling. These medicines should be administered by the doctor and monitored as well.
  • Exercises: Exercises are a very important treatment for reducing the swelling and also helping the heel recover. There are different calf exercises which might be given by the doctor or can be done by the patient independently which helps in reducing the swelling eventually.
  • Cortisone Injections: These injections are one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory medication. These are administered to the body of the patient by injecting it to reduce the swelling and the inflammation in the heel of the patient. They should be taken only after prescribed by the doctor as they are not used often. Cortisones have a negative impact on tendons as they result in the rupture of the tendon.
  • Supportive Shoes: Pain and inflammation can be prevented if the patient is given supportive shoes to wear which are softer at the back of the heel which does not have a negative impact on it and reduces the pain to some extent.

These are some of the non surgical ways to treat achilles tendonitis. Unless there is drastic impact on the heel and the tendon is severely damaged, a surgery is not usually suggested by a doctor. These methods are the most common ones which are used and advised by most doctors to treat this condition. The faster the patient inculcates these methods of treatment the better it will be for the heel.

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