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How To Deal With Childhood Obesity?

How To Deal With Childhood Obesity?

Gone are the days when your child used to go out for playing and run around inside the house.  As technology has advanced, your children have now become couch potatoes, with everything at their fingertips. Of course, with their gadgets in hand, how can you forget their munchies? This means less exercise and more junk food. As parents you if don’t take it seriously, this can lead to the condition called obesity that starts in early childhood. This condition does not stop here, even after your child grows into an adult, it follows them. So, how can you prevent childhood obesity?

What Is Childhood Obesity?

Childhood Obesity

Obesity is an excessive accumulation of fat in the body that can lead to serious health conditions. Childhood obesity is the same condition of obesity among children and teenagers. Each child has a height and weight proportion according to their age, if their weight is above the average for a child’s height and weight then they are obese.

Is Your Child At Risk?

Most of the children gain unhealthy weight by eating too much and not exercising properly as the energy ingested is not burned properly with proper exercise and diet. The societal trends have made the children less interactive with their environment. There is a decrease in outdoor recreation, sleep, and healthy eating opportunities.  Also, nowadays, unhealthy food is cheaper compared to healthy ones. The factors that put your child at risk are:

Junk Food Leading To Obesity

If they consume a lot of food and drinks that are high in sugar and fat on regular basis such as fast food, candies, baked items, etc.

  • They are very comfortable sitting at home idle.
  • If they spend too much time on movies and games
  • Most of the time children eat to overcome stress and social problems
  • They have a history of obese family
  • Lack of availability and access to healthy food
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Changes in lifestyle

How Can Child Obesity Be Prevented?

Physical Activity - Sports

Make sure that your child works out in some form every day to burn the calories that they have gained from eating. You should encourage your children to choose and eat healthy items like fruits and vegetable.include low-fat dietary products, limit sugar intake, include lean meat, poultry, fishes, lentils and beans to your child’s diet plan. Also, serve your child in reasonable proportion, do not overfeed them. You can also make their favorite dishes healthier. Cut-down all the calorie-rich temptation, it is okay to treat your child once in a while but that can turn up frequent. So, try and avoid buying them snacks and chocolates to treat them. Not a generalized fact, but to some extent children are adamant, so if they keep on asking something that you know that is unhealthy, but out of concern over your child you end up buying them, this is not something good.

As parents, you should learn to say no to your children when you know the consequences. If you are active, your child will also be active, in most of the cases parents are their first role model and they take you up as an inspiration. Take your child for a walk or cycling or swimming, this would build up a good relationship between you and also you are helping your child. Most of the time if the child is obese, they are put into a lot of emotional stress and bullying which your child may not open up to you. Spend more time with your children and provide them the physical and emotional support they are desperately in need of. If things go out of your hand need not panic as the doctors at Sunshine are here to help your child get back to a well planned and maintained lifestyle.

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Dr Venugopal Pareek – Bariatric Surgeon 

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