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Myths about Hepatitis C

HEPATITIS C can’t be cured- It’s a blatant myth that Hepatitis C can’t be cured. Science has developed a lot and treatment for curing Hepatitis C is there. If the problem is detected at an early stage, and with proper doctor consultation and treatment it is possible to be cured of Hepatitis C. With proper treatment, daily exercise and proper nutrition a person suffering from chronic Hepatitis C can also live a long and productive life.

Hepatitis C has a vaccine –It’s a myth that a vaccine for Hepatitis C is available. There is actually no approved vaccine for Hepatitis C yet. There are vaccines available for other kind of hepatitis like Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B but not for Hepatitis C. Research and development is still going on to develop a vaccine for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a sexually transmitted disease and can spread through kissing, coughing – Hepatitis C is not a sexually transmitted disease neither does it get transmitted by kissing, coughing. It happens through direct contact of infected blood and in very rare case can it be transmitted through sexual intercourse. To reduce the risk of having Hepatitis C a person should avoid sharing needles, or piercing with needle used by others and should avoid personal care item that have come in contact with the infected blood

Hepatitis c does not have any symptoms- joint pain, muscle pain, headache, infection, brain fog, anxiety, abdominal pain are some of the common symptoms of Hepatitis C and if a person is having these problems for a prolonged period then they should go for a doctor check up to test for Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C can be cured completely-Once Hepatitis C is cured, there are chances that it might resurface. You can never guarantee that there is lifelong protection against the disease. So it is important that regular consultation with doctor must go on even after the disease is cured.