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Non-Surgical Liposuction: Does It Really Work?

Non-Surgical Liposuction: Does It Really Work?

Worried about your weight? Trying everything possible but not having an impact on the weighing scale? In that case, just diets and exercise will not be of much use. They’ll only leave you frustrated and tired.  However, there’s one temporary solution that you can opt for – liposuction.  When you hear the word liposuction, this can startle some of you because you are not really okay with undergoing surgery. There is always a way out right! There are nonsurgical liposuction procedures to reduce your weight. Get to know more about it.

What Is Liposuction? It is the process of removing unwanted fat from the body that cannot be achieved naturally with a regular diet and exercise. This process can be done by both surgical and nonsurgical methods.

What Is Non-Surgical Liposuction?


Non- surgical liposuction is done using laser energy, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and cold to reduce fat. In this process, the devices are directly applied to the skin. Advantages of liposuction include:

  • It is less risky
  • Low cost
  • Reduced healing time

Methods Of Non-Surgical Liposuction


This method uses injections of small doses of medications including amino acids to dissolve the fats in your body. Once the medication is injected your body absorbs the liquid fats and eliminates the waste out of your body


This method is very similar to that of mesotherapy as it dissolves unwanted fat from your body by injecting some medications and enzymes into the targeted area. After injecting the liquefied fats are eliminated through urine as waste products. This method is basically used in certain areas such as chin, neck, and face.


This method uses a heated laser to melt the unwanted fat from your body. It also tightens the skin from where the fat has been removed. It is used in treating face and other parts of your body.

Liposonix ultrasound

This process uses ultrasound to get rid fat around your waist and the love handles

Does Non-Surgical Liposuction Really Work?

Non-Surgical Liposuction

Yes, it does. Nonsurgical liposuction is the best option for people who do not want to undergo surgery and just borderline overweight and not obese or have fat deposit at selective parts like thigh or love handles. And this is less expensive when compared to surgical liposuction. It is the best because it helps in eliminating the stubborn fat like that in the love handles of women’s stomach The non-surgical methods help you in shedding fat quickly though u may not have good weight loss. It is a very safe process because there are no risks and you will not feel dizzy or sleepy during or after the procedure. You can get back to normal life. You will not find any swellings in the treated area and it is painless and stress-free.   If you are looking for non-surgical liposuction then you can rely on the efficient doctors at Sunshine hospital to make your dream come true without much pain.

About the Doctor:Dr Venugopal Pareek – Bariatric Surgeon 

Dr Venugopal Pareek – Bariatric Surgeon 

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