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Types of Skull Fractures

Types of Skull Fractures

A head Injury or skull Injury is often fatal, luckily if not fatal can be severely damaging.

A skull injury is one of the most common causes of disability and death in adults as well as children. The injuries can be of different types, maybe a contusion or even a concussion which can prove to be heavily damaging.

A skull fracture indicates a break or a crack in a bone in the skull. The human skull is just 1cm thick, about the same thickness as a ball point pen. It can be fractured or broken by an impact of 7-10 km/hr.If you know the pain of a fracture on the hand or the leg, the pain is way worse when it comes to a skull injury or skull fracture.

There are various skull fracture types depending on the extent of the skull injury. Some of the skull fracture types are:

There are mainly four skull fracture types. Most of the skull fractures are usually due to some sort of injury.

The Skull fracture types are:

Types of Skull Fractures

Linear Skull Fractures – This is the most common type of skull fracture. In this skull fracture type the bone breaks, but does not move from its original placement. It does not require any kind of surgery or invasive intervention. Usually, patients with this skull fracture type are admitted to the hospital and kept under observation for a day as a precautionary measure.

Depressed Skull Fractures – The name given to this is a little confusing, right?. Well, in this skull fracture type, there might be a cut on the scalp. In this skull fracture type, a part of the skull is sunken due to the trauma. Now, to correct the deformity, the surgeons might perform a surgery, depending on the severity of the depression.

Comminuted skull fractures are type of fractures where skull bone is broken into 3 or more fractions.

Compound fracture is a type of fracture which has an overlying skin laceration. It may even have a tear of the meninges with intracranial air (pneumocephalus).The most serious complication of compound skull fracture is infection.

Diastatic Skull Fractures –  These skull fracture types usually occur in infants and newborns. These skull fractures occur along the suture lines of the skull.

Growing skull fracture is a rare complication of skull fracture characterised by progressive  diastatic enlargement of fracture line, seen mainly in infancy and early childhood.

What are sutures?

Sutures are areas between the bones that fuse when we are children, in the head. The suture lines are widened in these skull fractures.

What is a Suture

Basilar Skull Fracture – This skull fracture type is the worst and the most serious kind of skull fracture. This condition happens when there is a crack in the base of the skull. Bruises around the eye and behind the ear are seen for people who have this kind of a fracture. Draining of clear fluid from the nose and or even the ears may happen for the patients as there might be tear in the covering of the brain. The patients with basilar skull fracture require very close observation when at the hospital.

All kinds of skull fractures are dangerous and require assistance as an immediate precaution. The head is strong, yet covering one of the most delicate parts of the body. Hence, a fracture is bad news. We, at Sunshine Hospitals, have our best doctors to look after you and make sure your head and the skull is intact, always protecting the brain.

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