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why weight ?

We often claim that we are gaining ‘too much weight’, or complain that we feel heavy. What would we do if we were to be weighing close to 200 kilos?

If it’s too difficult even imagine, the story of this patient will leave you speechless. With the weighing scale pointing at 197 kilos, this patient could barely walk a few steps without experiencing breathlessness. So, obviously, engaging in other regular activities were completely out of question. Having been mostly immobile for a long time, he considered bariatric surgery as an option, and chose to go with the best – Sunshine Hospitals.

They say one good decision can change your life. In this patient’s case, it not just changed his life, it made him 51 kilos lighter, and capable of walking freely, just two weeks post surgery.

He has a changed routine now – brisk walks are a daily affair. Before surgery, it was just a dream, till the Sun decided to Shine in his life!