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World Head Injury Day 2018: All You Should Know!

Speed thrills, right?

It can also give you the chills.

How many times have you driven a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet? Many times, possibly. It’s only if you spot a cop around the corner do you slip on your protective gear.

But then, being smart, you understand that in the event of an accident, the worst feared type of injury is a head injury and helmets protect you from them.

Head  injuries are not just about the pain. They could result in several conditions, sometimes even fatal.

So, if you are one among those who have heard about an awareness initiative on head injuries, you’re not the only one. India has fallen under the category of countries that have gained the dubious distinction where millions of youngsters are losing their lives because of accidents. The only mistake is that they ignore wearing seat belts and helmets.

World Head Injury Awareness Day

World Head Injury Awareness Day – The Purpose

World Head Injury Awareness Day is an initiative to help the world live a safer life. It is celebrated with public awareness campaigns being conducted all over the world on the 20th of March every year. The aim is to raise awareness on the number of people suffering head injuries and to educate the public on how to prevent them.

Head Injury Symptoms

In many cases, head injuries do not become a long-term problem, but if the impact of the injury is high the problems it could cause can be life threatening. The campaign focuses on the right ways of utilising safety equipment that is available in motor vehicles and what to do in case of an accident or an Emergency which could prevent causing an internal head injury.  Internal head injury can cause excess bleeding inside the brain which can be fatal.

The common complications that occur due to an untreated or underdiagnosed head injury are:

  • Paralysis
  • Memory loss
  • Restricted mobility
  • Vision loss
  • Death

The world statistics finds that around 5% of the world population suffer from serious brain injuries after accidents that cause severe trauma to the head. World Head Injury Awareness Day is an initiative taken by WHO (World Health Organisation) to spread awareness not just about the fact that serious injuries can happen, but also to inform the public about the impact of having Head Injuries which affect the quality of life for the person.

The only way to make the world a safe place to live in is by reducing the number of accidents that can cause trauma to the head. Here’s a list of things you can consider while you’re on the road.

  • Wear your seat belt while travelling in a four wheeler.
  • Use appropriate car seats for your kid’s and strap them well while on the road.
  • Avoid driving when you drink.
  • Avoid speeding.
  • Always wear a helmet while on a two wheeler.
  • Organise events in your area to spread awareness on World Head Injury Day
  • If you can, perform street plays and play videos to bring more light on educating students and general public with the importance of preventing head injuries.

What could you do to spread the word?

Being vocal for a cause is what you as a world citizen can offer. Get on to social media and spread the word. Share the information you gather from various sources to those who are unaware. Because even the simplest of the head injury can become a complication if not addressed properly in time. This can be avoided only when you take the initiative to speak up and bring in the others to support the initiative.

One step to save many lives – That’s what the aim is on World Head Injury Day. Join us in this initiative on the 20th of March 2018 at Sunshine Hospitals,  Hyderabad.

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