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Get a second

Reassure yourself. Get a second opinion from our experts.

Get a Second Opinion

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We understand that being diagnosed with health problems can be upsetting. Most of us have trusted specialists who can help us recover, but sometimes we still have some doubts before going ahead. Therefore, seeking a second opinion can help you get reassured with better diagnosis and get you the right options available.

In some cases, patients have got treated without surgery after taking a second opinion. So we always recommend going for the second opinion from another expert for best results.

At Sunshine, our expert medical consultants perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current and past medical history. They also assess the degree of your illness, before giving any treatment recommendations. This will include new treatment options, or it may confirm that the treatment you are receiving is the best.­ Either way, a second opinion will help you make a better decision for your health benefits.

Why do I need a second opinion?

A second opinion is usually a choice you make, but also has many benefits that can clear your misconceptions about your health condition. You might as well want to choose your regular physician, but in a second opinion, you can have better choices of what kind of treatment you would like to get for a faster recovery.

  • You are doubtful that your diagnosis is not complete or convincing.
  • You are not satisfied with the treatment recommended based on the diagnosis.
  • You are unable to understand the information you get from your previous healthcare provider.
  • You are not comfortable disclosing more about your condition with your specialist.
  • You are offered different treatment options and fail to decide which one would be the right one to proceed with.
Benefits of a second opinion:
  • You can get access to highly advanced treatment options.
  • You can take control of your diagnosis and treatment.
  • You can choose a doctor you are comfortable with.