International Patients

We are a leading multi-specialty hospital of India and Asia’s largest joint replacement center. We receive patients from across the world, including Middle East, Africa, Europe and the USA.
Sunshine Hospitals is built for the international patient:
– Our key specialties are led by successful surgeons from across the world- with education and experience in USA, UK, Canada and other countries. In addition, our doctors frequently travel abroad to do follow-ups, to speak at conferences and for helping develop the healthcare system for our partners across the world.
– Our facilities are designed to support the patient including translators, money exchange, visa and travel support.
– Our rooms and food are frequently complemented by international travelers

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Many patients travel from across the world and come to Sunshine to receive specialized medical care that is on par with the standards of international hospitals elsewhere. The doctors and surgeons at Sunshine Hospitals are the best there are in India to conduct sophisticated specialty procedures and are committed to providing high-quality care with empathy and compassion that we Indians feel for others.

Patient Care and Services:
Sunshine Hospitals are equipped and experienced to treat complex health problems with advanced treatments and expert clinical judgment. The International Patient Centre stationed at the hospital premises helps patients with appointments, language interpretation services, accommodation, transportation, admissions and financial arrangements. The moment you contact Sunshine Hospitals, an International Patient Coordinator is assigned to manage the entire treatment process that includes scheduling an appointment with a Sunshine specialist, managing your admission process and aiding your family with as-and-when information and updates of treatment procedures being carried out and their results. Also, count in the little gestures of support and compassion everybody at Sunshine offers.

1.How to get medical opinion and cost of the treatment ?

Patient’s case history/ current clinical reports/ scans & details of previous treatment taken can be shared with us for the evaluation by our team of expert doctors which would enable us to provide the cost and treatment plan prior to patient arrival.
You can send e-mail with diagnostic reports for consultation at:
Ph: +91-40-44 55 00 00; +91 8008302865

2.Do you provide visa invitation letter ?

Yes, we do provide visa assistance letter after receiving the passport details of the patient and attendant(s) to enable in obtaining the medical visa.
For a visa request letter, please send us the following:
– Passport scans of patient and all accompanying attendants. The name should be visible and expiry date of passport should be at least 8 months away.
– Please mention date of travel and type of surgery or treatment advised.
– Please mention name of embassy in which you will file the letter so we can address the visa letter to them and send them the hard copy.

3.What are the modes of payments ?

Payment can be made through cash/ credit cards at the time of admission.
We have authorized foreign currency exchange counter within the hospital.
The payments can also be transferred to the Hospital accounts through wire transfer prior to the arrival.

4. Do you assist with airport transfers to international patients ?

Yes, we provide complimentary pick /drop from/to airport to international patients.
We organize the pick up on receiving the patient’s travel itinerary.

5.What are the medical records or documents that I need to carry with me and what language should they be in ?

Please carry all relevant information on your medical condition including
– X-rays
– Medical history/record
– Current medication
– Prescription document with names of medication
Preferably your medical records need to be in English. Please ensure to have them translated into English, and don’t forget to bring the original ones along with you for review by our specialist.

6.Do you provide accommodation & meal to attendant while the patient is admitted ?

Yes, an attendant is provided the hospital stay with the patient (except ICU stay) in case if they have opted for a double and single room. We can also arrange meals for the attendant.
The hospital is conveniently located next to famous Paradise restaurant which is well known across Hyderabad for great Indian, Chinese and continental food. The attendants and family members of the patient can order their choice of food from the restaurant as per their convenience.

7.Do you facilitate in booking guest house/ hotels/ service apartments?

We have tie-ups with various hotels, guest houses and serviced apartments in the vicinity of the hospital for our international patients.
We share the list of the same in advance with our patients on confirmation of their date of travel.
The patients can do the booking directly or let us know to do the same on their behalf.

8.Which communication services/facilities are available ?

We can also arrange for a local SIM card for the patient if required.
The Internet is available in the hospital. We can arrange internet access for the patient attendants if required.