Sai Teja

I am Sai, I came to Sunshine to get a jaw corrective surgery. As a kid, I missed my chance of getting braces and at a later part of my teens I realized I had to do something about my protruding teeth. I consulted a couple of doctors and finally upon a few suggestions I met Dr. Dinesh at Sunshine Hospitals. He made the whole process sound really simple and I was quite convinced to get it done. My parents however were slightly apprehensive about it and met the doctor, understood the whole process and gave their approval as well. The whole process was a breeze. I was really happy that it all went smoothly. I have Dr. Dinesh and Dr. Suresh to thank for this boost to my confidence.

Mrs Nand Kanwar Bhati

It needs no emphasis to state that Dr.Gurava Reddy and his team of orthopaedic surgeons are extremely professional and probably the best in the country in knee and hip-joint replacement. They care for patients much beyond their call of duty. There is no doubt that infrastructure, team management and the facilities at Sunshine Hospital, Secunderabad are the best one can expect at realistic prices.

Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed

My cousin Ahmed is from Hargeisa, Somalia. He has been suffering for the last 4 years with a neurological disorder. We got him to Hyderabad and admitted him at Sunshine Hospitals for treatment. There are many hospitals in the city, the reason we chose this hospital is their international wing and the ability of doctors. There were multiple doctors who attended to us, like Dr. Gurava Reddy, Dr. Gopal, Dr. Naveen, Dr. Ravi Shankar & Dr. Nanda Kumar. All of them were super impressive. There is a superkey to the international patients in the form of Syed Faiyaz and Ramalika, the international executives at Sunshine who were here throughout to smoothen the entire process for us. My cousin hopefully will be able to walk soon.

Rama Krishna Mandan

My wife, Poonam, was operated for bilateral TKR by Dr. Chiranjeevi. An excellent surgeon with a very empathetic attitude towards patients which is something very rare. We would happily recommend her to anyone who needs orthopedic treatment. She was admitted in room no 206 in Ravi building. The nursing and other staff were efficient and caring. The administrative staff were also very helpful. Overall a very good experience except for minor inconveniences which I am sure will improve.

Ramesh Reddy

My father recently met with a bike accident and fractured his leg bone. We rushed him to Sunshine for treatment and surgery. The staff here is both polite and prompt. The nursing staff is quite compassionate and caring; response rate to concerns and queries is excellent. Neatness is a mention worthy point. Also, a special mention to the insurance processing, it was super smooth!

Kanneganti Prasad G K

We admitted my mother-in-law at Sunshine for total knee replacement for both legs. The decision to get a knee replacement for someone as old as my mother-in-law is a crucial one to make and we were impressed by how they took us through the whole process explaining in great detail about it prior to the surgery. The moral support given by the Doctors along with the communication given, gave us immense strength as well as clarity and we went ahead with it. The maintenance, housekeeping and administration were very cooperative here; the nurses, while we were in the ICU were very helpful and paid attention to minute details.

Santosh Tiwari

I would like to express my satisfactory happiness to the Sunshine Management and Team for the utmost care and medical treatment rendered for my knee ACL & MCL reconstruction.
I really thank the dedication and attention by Shri Dr. Sukesh Rao in analyzing the injury, proper medical care and expertise surgery to get healthy and faster recovery. Moreover, the good part was an open explanation to take care and faster remedial actions which really boosted me morally.
I take this opportunity to thank the whole team and to name a few whom I interacted much are:
Dr. Sukesh Rao and Dr. Suryanarayana Murthy.
Physio – Mr Sujit.
Canteen – Mr Sai.
Guardian – Radhika.
Admin – Sudha.
Patient Care – Sravanthi.
Sister – Sowjanya, Uma and Afreen.
Last but not the least – The entire team of housekeeping.
I wish Sunshine Management good luck and pray that they grow, prosper and my kind humble request is to continue this ambitious supportive services and care to all and any kind of upcoming patients.
The only recommendation from my end is to improve the quality of the tea and coffee and reduce the spiciness in the curries and vegetables.

Din Dinesh Sharma Kopparthy

An excellent multispeciality patient friendly hospital…..Only hospital in the corporate sector in the whole of AP and Telangana to have an exclusive Facial Surgery Department.

Poojitha Reddy

My mother was admitted here for a bladder repair surgery and was here for a month. It’s an excellent hospital with super specialist surgeons. Dr. Ajit Vikram has operated my mother and he did a great job. It was her 2nd surgery in the month and they gave her a lot of confidence in the procedure. The hospital has a good response rate, the doctors were available 24/7, she had faced a knee issue during her stay here and we called the doctor at 11:30 PM in the night. To our surprise the doctor answered and gave the medication. We are extremely happy with the hospital, the nurses here are very loving and caring, they treated my mother just like she was a family member. Dr. Gurava Reddy has also visited her during her stay there just to check on her. Absolutely overwhelming. Thank You Sunshine.

Ramesh Brahamannagari

My wife was admitted at Sunshine for treatment. Our NTPC colleague has suggested us to go to this hospital and we are glad we did. We were so tensed when we started from our place but all if it was taken care of so well. Dr. Kavita has treated my wife so well, in 5 days my wife is all normal. All credits to the Doctor and Lalitha madam the NTPC incharge at Sunshine. This was our first experience at sunshine, the treatment at the hospital is unlike any other we’ve been to before, they were extremely caring and attention to detail was prime. The housekeeping was very good, neat and clean hospital, hospitality is great, the diet for patients is also good. All in all an extremely positive experience at Sunshine. Thank you Sunshine.

Mahitha Priya

My mother Jameema, 53-years-old was recently admitted here for septoplasty treatment. We are extremely happy with the service here. Everything was smooth and the service from all departments was great. Thank you Sunshine.

Sankeerth Perla

My father, 58 yrs old got admitted at the hospital for a Bypass Surgery. We chose Sunshine based on the great experience a couple of relatives and friends had and we are glad we came here for the surgery. All the facilities at the hospital are exactly what we hoped to be. Dr Anil Mulpuru was our surgeon and he is the one who gave us the courage and motivation to go ahead with the surgery. He said “I treat my patients like they are my family.” and he indeed did.