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December 2018

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Imagine an organ in your body, no bigger than the size of your fist. Seems small, doesn’t it?. Well, size often does fool all of us. That very small-sized organ is responsible for pumping blood all over our bodies. The

Skin diseases aren’t just health conditions. Many skin diseases are not only physically discomforting but they are also discomforting emotionally - they make your look displeasing and make your mood irritable. But to top it all, it attracts disgust from

You have finally made the decision to undergo a total knee replacement. More time and energy initially goes into planning and getting the surgery done. After surgery, we worry about pain relief and rehabilitation. One important aspect of rehabilitation, which

When babies are born, it’s a big change in environment for them. From a watery cocoon for them inside their mother’s womb to breathing in air for the first time, newborn babies adapt very well to this change. However, sometimes,