5 Things to Know About Sunshine Mako Robot for Joint Replacements

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5 Things to Know About Sunshine Mako Robot for Joint Replacements

Robotics in healthcare and its many advantages have transformed the way Orthopaedic surgeons plan, prepare and carry out Partial or Total Knee Replacements and Total Hip Replacements.

Sunshine Hospitals has brought an advanced robot – Sunshine Mako Robot, where its team of Orthopaedic surgeons has performed several robot-assisted orthopaedic surgeries with best results. The new era of Robots and Artificial Intelligence is here to help healthcare professionals and doctors to help patients recover better and faster. The new-age advancements in healthcare sector do not replace the traditional surgery processes, but assist surgeons and improve precision and accuracy in surgeries. Sunshine Mako Robot helps combine expertise, knowledge and accuracy in surgery to help patient get back to a pain-free life.

What can you expect from Sunshine Mako Robot?

Joint Replacements are expected to become much more common than what it is today. By 2030, experts anticipate a 673 percent increase in knee replacements and a 174 percent increase in hip replacements. Sunshine Mako Robot has the capability and precision required to treat this increasingly common issue.

Here are five good reasons how Sunshine Mako Robot transforms the way Joint Replacements are operated:

  1. Minimally Invasive

Robot-assisted joint replacement procedure helps reduce chance of inadvertent incisions that can lead to bleeding and infections. It minimizes the margin of error as it ensures 100% micro-precision cuts.

  1. Quick Recovery

It’s minimally-invasive advantage allows a patient to resume his / her normal life within days, because it ensures lowered blood loss and tissue damage in surgery. And short recovery timelines help patients reduce hospitalization costs.

  1. Less Pain

Blood loss during a robot-assisted surgery is minimal, and the procedure helps avoid the need for blood transfusion. Since it helps surgeons operate with smaller incisions, it lets a patient experience less pain during and after surgery.

  1. Less Chance of Infection

In a traditional surgical procedure, the risk of infection exists, but a robot-assisted joint replacement surgery minimizes the risk of developing an infection and the complications that follow.

  1. 100% Precise

Sunshine Mako Robot uses AI & ML, 3D Virtual Modelling and MRI scanning technology help orthopaedic surgeons a customised pre-operative plan. As a result, the patient is assured with 100% micro-precision incision, minimal scarring, reduced tissue damage, lowered blood loss, and freedom from a painfully long post-operative recovery period.

The era of precision-assured joint replacement surgeries has begun in Hyderabad. If you wish to know more about the Robot-assisted Joint Replacements at Sunshine Hospitals Visit Us

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