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7 Ominous Signs of Lung Cancer

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7 Ominous Signs of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer awareness day started in 1995 and as the movement grew the month of November was adopted as the lung cancer awareness month. The annual walk every year in November has become significant in educating the public about the disease and remembering those loved ones who succumbed to it.

This walk has grown over the years in participation and raising the awareness that not everyone who has or had lung cancer is or was a smoker. The thing is if you’ve lungs then you’re at a risk of getting lung cancer.

What pink is to breast cancer, white is to lung cancer. Hence the people who took to the streets wear white T-shirts, tie white ribbons and give out white balloons in the memory of lung cancer victims.

Lung cancer amounts for about 27 percent of deaths and by far is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. Each year, more people die of it than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined. Asia accounts for 51% of the cases with China leading the fray. Smoking- primary and secondary, asbestos and radon pollution are the primary causes of lung cancer.

Here are the 7 ominous signs of Lung Cancer

  1. Frequent respiratory illnesses

Falling sick over and over again with cold, flu, bronchitis or even pneumonia makes you believe is it your immune system to blame. But, another possible culprit for such repeated onset of illnesses is lung cancer.

  1. Loss of appetite & unexplained weight loss

If pounds are peeling off and you haven’t made any lifestyle changes to account for the weight loss or foods that were once appealing are now nauseating, then it is important to sit up and take note.

  1. Fatigue

Another sign is debilitating fatigue with no clear cause in sight. It is similar to exhaustion you experience when you have fever, cold or flu and you can’t make yourself get off the couch.

  1. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is the classic symptom of lung cancer and it tends to go unnoticed among people until it is pronounced because it is easy to attribute it to other causes.

  1. Persistent cough or hoarseness

Voice changes and recurrent cough for months has been blamed on allergies and smoking. One has to clear his throat frequently and live with increased saliva production. The voice might be hoarse or the cough dry.

  1. Chest, shoulder, back or abdominal pain

Chest pain is commonly associated with heart attack. However, it is important to consider it as sign when there are no obvious risk factors for heart disease. The ache may be in the chest or lung area, but it may feel it’s in the upper back, shoulder or neck and can easily be confused with muscle pain.

  1. Muscle weakness

If carrying groceries, climbing stairs or doing household tasks is too much an effort you may think it is tiredness or the weather. But, persistent muscle weakness is one of the early signs of certain kinds of lung cancer.

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