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9 Tips to enjoy a healthy summer

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9 Tips to enjoy a healthy summer




If there had to be words that describe summer perfectly, these should do the job. While summers are bright and sunny, yet, they bring the risk of dehydration and several other health ailments with them. So, do you just lock yourself up inside a air-conditioned room and not venture out?

Summer Health

Not really, right?

There are ways that can help you stay fit and fresh in summers. So, read through and have a healthy summer!

Summer Health Tips

Here’s a checklist of 9 summer tips to be healthy.

  • Fill yourself with fluids – Fluids are an essential part of health, which help your body be hydrated. The body flushes out water in a number of ways and needs a refill every now and then. Summer heat causes a lot of dehydration and that leads to weakness and multiple other problems. So keeping yourself hydrated is the best way you can help yourself have a wonderful summer.
  • Use a good sunscreen – Skin is the largest organ of the human body and protects all the internal organs from being exposed to various unfavourable conditions. However, skin is also sensitive to a lot of things present in the atmosphere, and can be highly affected by the harsh effect of the ultra violet rays. Using a good sunscreen can help you protect your skin from tanning and developing skin rashes.
  • Exfoliate your skin – The skin has a cycle of shedding some amount of dead cells from it each day. It is important to help the skin revive itself with some external help. Use a scrub to remove the dead cells, exfoliate the skin and bring that glow back.
  • Have a healthy summer diet – Eating fresh is what everyone suggests. But then, do you know if what you’re eating is right? It’s important to eat fibre and protein rich food, also which have cooling and hydrating properties. Eating small meals can help you eat the right amount and does not overfill you. Stuffing too much food can bring in a lot of lethargy and fatigue, which becomes challenging to overcome after a period.
  • Cool your eyes – Shade your eyes and screen them from the harsh rays. Use cucumber or rose water to cool your eyes after a long day of being out in the sun. It’ll help you delay ageing and wrinkling around your eyes. Use sunglasses when you can’t avoid being under the sun.
  • Take a cold water shower – Cool showers are  great way to bring down the temperature of the body. Wait for a few minutes before you take a cool shower, as it can harm if you expose your body to cold water immediately after after being out in the sun for a long time.
  • Exercise and hit the active mode – Exercising is an important route to good health, and especially in summers, it’s even more important. Being active has never been a hindrance to good health. Instead, having an active lifestyle is suggested, to help the body’s functioning be more efficient.
  • Wear summer friendly clothes – wearing tight fitting clothes can obstruct the body from exposure to fresh air, and most importantly from proper blood circulation. Start wearing clothes that fit you comfortably, and the ones that will help your body breathe easily. This can avoid cloth rashes and discomfort. Nylons and polymers also obstruct your body from breathing and sweating out the toxins. So check out the best choices of fabric that give space to your body to breathe fresh air. Cotton clothing has the maximum absorption, and is the most trendy too!
  • Relax and sleep well – A well balanced daily routine plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy in summers. Right from the time you begin your day, to the time you shut your system down, you must keep yourself physically and mentally on the move. That’s when you can get adequate sleep and the strength to be on the move the next morning. Having good sleep is necessary and relieves all the fatigue and stress of the entire day. It is like recharging yourself with more energy each summer morning.

Tips for Summer Health

So, what are you waiting for? Recharge yourself with these simple tips and spread the word across. If you have any specific health queries for summers, click the call button and book a consultation. We shall get it all set right.

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