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9 Ways to Stop Food Cravings

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9 Ways to Stop Food Cravings

9 Ways to Stop Food Cravings

Food cravings stand between you and health. They are your worst and the most subtle enemy. These are intense uncontrollable desires for specific foods, irrationally greater than normal hunger. You need a concrete strategy, the one better than “binge, repent and swear” to fight against the enemy within. As food cravings are the big fat reason why you are not able to manage your weight.

Different people crave for different foods. But, in general these are processed junk foods high in salt, sugar and fat. Here are nine ways how you can surmount them and live a healthy life instead of just hoping.

  1. Drink water: Thirst is often confused with hunger and food cravings. If, you feel a sudden pull for any food, drink a large glass of water and wait. Most times, the craving leaves you as you were only thirsty. Further, drinking water before meals can reduce appetite and help with weight loss.
  2. Eat protein: Eating protein may lower your appetite and prevent overeating. It reduces cravings because you feel full longer. In a study of obese men an intake of 25 percent more protein decreased their cravings by 60 percent. And, the desire to snack before sleep reduced by 50 percent.
  3. Eat Spinach: Spinach delays fat digestion. This increases the hormones that reduce appetite such as GLP-1.
  4. Eat well: Hunger and diminished nutrition can both cause certain cravings. Eat proper meals at meal times to reduce hunger after just eating and also keep the body flush with nutrients. If, you need to snack between meals then pick fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds.
  5. Avoid hunger: Hunger is the no 1 reason why we experience cravings. Avoid hunger by eating well at regular times and keeping healthy snacks at hand, just in case you need one. Being prepared keeps out the cravings from showing up in the first place.
  6. Shift from the craving: When the craving comes upon you, walk away from that place or switch your thoughts to something else. Chewing gum can greatly reduce your appetite and cravings.
  7. Slow down: Stress induces food cravings and influences the eating behavior and increases weight gain especially, in women. Stress also raises cortisol in the blood a hormone that aids weight gain especially in the belly area.
  8. Sleep well: Your appetite is largely influenced by the fluctuations in the hormones during the day. And these fluctuations are disrupted by sleep deprivation leading to poor appetite regulation and strong cravings. A study reports that sleep deprived people are 55 percent more obese than those who get adequate sleep.
  9. Don’t shop when hungry: Supermarkets are the worst places to be when you’re hungry or craving which then extracts impulsive buying from you. There you’ve access to any food you want and every unhealthy food is stocked at eye level.

Cravings are common. More than 50 percent of people experience them regularly. They’re also the biggest reason why you don’t lose weight. So, being aware of them and their triggers keeps you out of their way and makes it easy to eat healthy and lose weight.

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