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A 10yrs Old Suaad Bashir Operated For Right

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Cochlear Implant Surgery

A 10yrs Old Suaad Bashir Operated For Right

You or your loved one living with hearing problems or not getting enough benefits from hearing aids. We suggest you a Cochlear Implant Surgery which can even restore severe hearing loss. A cochlear implant is an electronic device which bypasses the damaged part of the ear and directly stimulates the hearing nerve. Cochlear implants enhance the sounds clearly and help to improve the ability to understand others speech.

It helps an individual with hearing loss to regain his confidence in social situations and helps to rejoin his friends and family and helps to live a happy life.

Story Of A 10-Year Suaad Bashir From Sudan

A 10yrs old girl Suaad Bashir has hearing loss problem since birth. She has not been using any kind of hearing aids also. She never experienced the feeling of a sound in her life. She is a brilliant girl. So her parents wanted to find a solution to her hearing problem. So they came from Sudan to consult our doctors at Sunshine Hospitals.

Most of the doctors say that cochlear implant for a 10-years kid is a challenging one and of course it is partially true. But her parents have complete trust in Doctors at Sunshine hospitals. Dr. Sampurna Ghosh, Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon at Sunshine Hospitals, Gachibowli, successfully operated her for Right Cochlear Implant.

Her parents trust on Sunshine Doctors was never wrong, the operation was successful as she is now able to hear and feel the magic of sounds. Later when the child starts listening speech therapy plays a key role. Speech therapist did a wonderful job making her understand everything. However, Suaad Bashir completely entered into a new world and started a new journey.

Basically, the best the time for a cochlear implant is before two years. Dr. Sampurna used the advanced Veria technique for Cochlear implantation.

Benefits of the new Veria technique for Cochlear implantation:

  • Veria technique reduced the surgical time
  • Less Anaesthesia
  • Less outpatient time
  • Less Invasive

For more Information watch out the video and book an appoint to consult our doctors.

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