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Bariatric Surgery – Myth Busting Facts

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Bariatric Surgery – Myth Busting Facts

Bariatric surgery has gained popularity among those who are extremely obese; sometimes to the extent that they find difficulty in performing normal activities like walking or even breathing.

Bariatric surgery is a great way to reduce weight in some people, especially in those who cannot lose weight in normal ways. However, it is not a ‘quick-fix”; it should not be considered as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

Just like this one, there are many misconceptions related to bariatric surgery. Below are a few common misconceptions and their related truths.

Myth: Bariatric surgery is just a weight loss surgery.
Fact: Well, there are two big misconceptions here. One that bariatric surgery is only for weight loss and two, weight loss is merely losing weight. See, the thing is having a healthy weight is extremely beneficial for health. Hence, with the help of bariatric surgery when you gain a healthy weight, it helps you with other health issues like sleep apnea, diabetes control, high bp management, acid reflux and also eases your other daily activities.


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Myth: Bariatric surgery is a cosmetic surgery and is not covered by health insurance.

Fact: This surgery may become unavoidable for people whose breathing is hampered due to being overweight. Uncontrolled obesity can have huge impacts of the bones of a person as well. This surgery is a prescribed treatment option. And many a time, it is the best way to treat your condition. Bariatric surgery, though cosmetically beneficial, is not classified as a ‘cosmetic surgery’ says Dr Venugopal Pareek. Hence, most probably, your insurance policy will cover the costs of the surgery.

Myth: You will not gain weight again after a bariatric surgery.

Fact: Your body is highly adaptable to your practices. Whatever changes are made in your body during the surgery can be compromised if you fall back to an unhealthy diet. Poor lifestyle choices after the surgery will not only put weight back on you but also, this time the consequences can be more severe. So, make sure that you make enough efforts to maintain your ‘new’ weight.

Myth: In a bariatric surgery, surgeons will trim your stomach size.

Fact: This is a general conception and it is not entirely false. In a bariatric surgery, surgeons do trim your stomach to a one cup size (which is 4-5 cup large normally). But this is only one way to go about the surgery. There is one more equally effective way, called the malabsorptive procedure. In this procedure, the surgeon ensures that the absorptive capacity of the small intestine is reduced so that fewer calories are absorbed. However, it depends on your condition which procedure will work the best for you.

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Myth: Bariatric surgery is very risky.

Fact: Well, every surgery involves a certain degree of risks. There are some obvious procedural risks like bleeding, swelling, redness etc. And if not managed well, you can also get an infection. But once you have been prescribed a bariatric surgery, the higher risk will be in not going for it. Obesity threatens all the vital organs of your body. And if a surgery can spare you of that trouble, minor risks like swelling and infection, which are easily manageable, should not hold you from opting for the treatment.

Myth: You can’t get pregnant after a bariatric surgery.

Fact: Wrong. In fact, the exact opposite is true. On one hand, this surgery is performed on your stomach and intestine and does not even touch your reproductive organs. Hence, your fertility is maintained. On the other hand, it will even reduce any complication in a pregnancy that obesity may bring in. It a win-win situation says Dr Venugopal Pareek. However, we advise that you only attempt a pregnancy after you completely recover from the surgery, around 1-year post-operation.

Bariatric surgery gives you a lease of life. It gives you the opportunity to better the quality of your life. Do not let any misconceptions hold you from availing the wonders that a bariatric surgery can bring. If you have any doubts, you are always welcome to consult our bariatric experts at Sunshine Hospital even for a second opinion.

Eat healthy, live healthy.


About the Doctor:


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Dr Venugopal Pareek – Bariatric Surgeon Dr Venugopal Pareek is one of the best Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon in the city has done more than 9000 surgeries in 12 years. Trained in the esteemed Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Surgical Oncology, Dr Pareek has the expertise in Bariatric Surgery. He has attended several conferences and published articles on medicine as well in various national and international journals.

About Sunshine Hospitals:

A Multi Super Speciality Institution, 500 bedded Sunshine Hospitals (Paradise Circle, Secunderabad) is promoted by globally reputed Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr AV Gurava Reddy (Orthopedic Doctor) and like-minded associates who share the objective of making world-standard healthcare available, affordable and accessible to the common man. Sunshine has now become one of the best hospitals for many treatments including Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Trauma and Neurology.

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