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Best Surgery To Lose Weight – Bariatric Surgery

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Best Surgery To Lose Weight – Bariatric Surgery

“Everything is so easy for you nowadays. Technology is constantly helping you in everything with no manual work involved at all”. This is one of the most heard of dialogues, which parents or even grandparents give the people of this generation. They are right, of course. Technology has made everything easier and to an extent made us dependant and lazier than we used to be. What is Obesity?  The lifestyle of the 21st century is such that so much can be done sitting in front of a screen and without moving a muscle. But do you think it is as efficient as going to the place and getting your work done? The preference of technology and your dependence on it has given a rise to one of the most dangerous diseases of all times. No, it’s not cancer. It is OBESITY.

What is Obesity? 

For those who think that being fat cannot be a disease, think again. Being fat might not be a disease, but you cannot stop being fat unless you actually act on it. Eating everyday, with the food habits of now, fat will soon lead to obesity. And obesity is a disease. You are obese if your BMI says so. Body Mass Index is the number which determines if you are normal, overweight or obese.

Being obese results in countless number of harmful conditions for your body. Hypertension, heart conditions, diabetes, breathlessness, bone joint deterioration and so much more. But no, since you all take your health for granted, you KNOW that eating all the junk food, drinking all those aerated drinks and diving in the world of sweets is okay for you because hey, ‘You only live once”. But since you only live once, isn’t it better to live good rather than live with restrictions all your life?

Reaons for Obesity

So if you are suffering from obesity, you can either spend a lot of money on the gym, personal trainer, the changes in food and so much more or you can spend that money, even less for a procedure which will change your life forever. The Bariatric Surgery.

What is Bariatric Surgery? 

Bariatric Surgeries are procedures with aim to restrict the amount of food, your stomach can hold which results in malabsorption of nutrients. There are mainly three types of bariatric surgeries, each of them having their own share of advantages and disadvantages.

Gastric Bypass 

Considered as the ‘gold standard’ for weight loss surgery, the gastric bypass procedure consists of mainly two components. Surgically, a small stomach pouch is created by dividing the top of the stomach from the rest of it. Once that is done, a small portion of the small intestine is divided. The bottom part of the small intestine is then surgically connected to the newly made stomach pouch. Gastric Bypass The last stage of the procedure consists of connecting the top part of the divided small intestine to the bottom so that stomach acids and digestive enzymes can mix with the food and help in digestion. The aim of this procedure as mentioned before is to make sure that the intake of food lessens. Since the new stomach pouch is considerably smaller, it can only take lesser amounts of food and process digestion. Smaller meals eventually results in lesser calories taken. It also promotes satiation and suppresses hunger. Coming to the advantages and disadvantages of Gastric Bypass:


  • Significant amount of weight loss
  • Restricts the amount of food consumed
  • Use of energy  increases


  • In many cases, it can lead to long term vitamin deficiencies.
  • Requires strict dietary restriction of sugary drinks and  vitamin supplements have to be taken for life time

Sleeve Gastrectomy

The procedure of Sleeve Gastrectomy or Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy removes almost 80% of the stomach. All that is left is a small pouch, tubular in shape. Sleeve Gastrectomy When around 80% of stomach is removed, you can imagine how much food your stomach will be able to take and digest. The amount of food will be decreased to a considerable amount and so will the amount of calories. This procedure is almost as effective as the Gastric Bypass and is highly effective in improving Type-2 diabetes.

Advantages of Sleeve Gastrectomy: 

  • Short stay at the hospital
  • Restricts the amount of food taken, resulting in less calories
  • Rapid weight loss


  • The procedure is non-reversible
  • Potential regain of weight after 5-7 years

Adjustable Gastric Band

The adjustable gastric band is a silicone device placed surgically in the upper part of the stomach. This creates a small pouch above the band resulting in the restriction of the amount of food that should be eaten. Adjustable Gastric BandAdvantages of Gastric Band:

  • Reduces the amount of food your stomach can hold
  • Induces excessive weight loss
  • No cutting of stomach or intestines required
  • Reversible and Adjustable
  • Requires a short hospital stay(24 hours)
  • This has low risk of vitamin deficiencies
  • Hardly an post operative complications


  • Slower and late weight loss compared to other procedures
  • Requires a device to be present in the body always.
  • Multiple post operative diet consultations are needed.

Bariatric surgery has become a boon for the people who are morbidly obese. For them, when gym, diet and almost nothing works, bariatric surgery comes to their rescue. We at Sunshine Hospitals, aim to help you cut down your weight with the best in class Bariatric Surgery so that you can kiss your fat goodbye.

About the Doctor:Dr Venugopal Pareek - Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Venugopal Pareek is one of the best Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon in the city having done more than 9000 surgeries in 12 years. Trained in the esteemed Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Surgical Oncology, Dr. Pareek has the expertise in Bariatric Surgery. He has attended several conferences and published articles on medicine as well in various national and international journals.

About Sunshine Hospitals: 

Multi Super Speciality Institution, 500+ bedded Sunshine Hospitals (Paradise Circle, Secunderabad) is promoted by globally reputed Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. AV Gurava Reddy (Orthopedic Doctor) and like-minded associates who share the objective of making world-standard healthcare available, affordable and accessible to the common man. Sunshine has now become one of the best hospitals for many treatments including OrthopedicGastroenterologyCardiology, Trauma and Neurology.

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