Dental Bracing – All You Need To Know

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Dental Bracing – All You Need To Know

It would be no less than a blessing if you have a set of perfectly aligned teeth. But chances are that you do not; because most people have some kind of problem with their teeth. Sometimes the problem is unwanted protruding; sometimes it is overcrowding of teeth; sometimes it’s the gap in between them that bothers and sometimes, it’s just one moody tooth which just chose to grow out of its original place.

And it’s very natural that you seek out to find a solution to this toothy-problem. It’s not just the aesthetic look that is affected by misaligned teeth. There are many other issues that one might face because of that. Let’s take a look.

How Does Crooked Teeth Cause Inconvenience?

  • It makes dental hygiene care difficult.
  • It puts your teeth at higher risk of decay.
  • It might cause difficulty in eating and speaking
  • It causes inconvenience in even resting your mouth if you have an uneven bite.
  • It can make your smile look displeasing.

The most popular treatment for misaligned teeth is the use of dental braces. In olden days, dental braces used to be much complex and they would require high maintenance. But now, there are many kinds of braces and you can make your pick based on your requirements and preferences.


What Are The Types Of Dental Braces? 

  1. Metal Braces:

The original classics are the metal braces. Metal brackets are applied to the teeth. The wire holds the teeth tight together; slowly forcing them to become aligned. It is the most popular method till date. It is the fastest way to get your teeth aligned non-surgically. Although the aesthetic aspect is not very pleasing.

Metal Braces

2. Ceramic Braces:

A very common alternative to metal braces are the ceramic braces. While the basic working principle is the same, the ceramic braces are made of ceramic material which nearly mimics the colour of your teeth. Hence, these braces are less visible as compared to metallic braces.

Ceramic Braces


3. Invisalign:

Invisaligns are the latest types of braces available for dental alignment. As the name suggests, these are nearly invisible and gives the best aesthetic look. Invisaligns are a perfect solution to adults who are too embarrassed to go for regular metallic braces. The clear braces hold your teeth tight together without compelling you to compromise the beauty of your white smile. However, there is a price you have to pay – it’s more costly than all other kinds of braces. Unfortunately, invisaligns also take more time to complete the entire process of alignment.

Invisalignn Braces

How To Wear Braces Smartly :

Unless you are using invisaligns, your braces will be visible. And they will not look pretty. There is nothing you can do about it. It’s very understandable if you feel self-conscious during the time you wear braces. But if you have made the decision to wear them, you might as well try and get the best out of this situation.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the best results out of teeth bracing.

1. Visit Your Dentist :

Braces push your teeth in the proper direction so that they form a nice alignment. Now, this is a gradual process. So, two weeks from today, the alignment of your teeth will be a little different and you will need to adjust the braces for the new setting. Obviously, you will not be able to make the required changes. Hence, you have to Visit The Dentist every 1-2 weeks.

2. Take Extra Care Of Dental Hygiene :

Braces retain food particles making your teeth more prone to decay. Plus, ceramic braces stain easily. So, when you are using braces, you must take extra care of your oral hygiene. Rinse every time after eating or drinking anything. Brush twice a day, thoroughly.

Take Extra Care Of Dental Hygiene


3. Wear Them All The Time:

This is mostly applicable if you are wearing invisaligns. Invisaligns can be removed at home while brushing. But many take this liberty and do not wear the braces as often as they should. This will delay the entire process of alignment.

4. Wear Them Until You Are Fully Aligned:

This may seem obvious but many people tend to get impatient during the last weeks of their bracing treatment. Because by then, you get very close to full alignment. Compared to where you started, this would look very nice; plus, you might not want to tolerate the discomfort anymore. But don’t be tempted to do such a thing – you might regret it later.

Having said that, the exact time for your treatment will depend on the extent of misalignment and the type of brace you are using. For mild cases, metal braces will take around 6 months.

5. Avoid Sticky Food:

Avoid sticky and sugary food. When you wear braces, these types of food will make dental care more difficult.

6. Wear Your Retainers:

After your treatment, you will be suggested to wear a retainer for some time. There is a tendency that people overlook this step. But as the name suggests, retainers help your teeth retain their new positioning.

Retainers Help Your Teeth Retain

Truly speaking, dental braces aren’t very comfortable. But every person who has opted for this treatment has felt better about it later. Because braces are just for 6 months; a smile is for a lifetime!


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