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Dr. Rajesh Vunnamatla Talks About Common Bile Duct Stones

CBD – Common Bile Duct stones also called as choledocholithiasis. It is a condition of presence of the gallstone in the bile duct. Gallstones are usually formed in the gallbladder.

The bile duct is a small tube which carries bile from the gallbladder to the intestine. The gallbladder will look like pear-shaped organ beneath the liver on the top right side of the abdomen. Usually, these stones may remain in the gallbladder or pass through the common bile duct.

Dr. Rajesh Vunnamatla, Consultant Advanced Laparoscopic & General Surgeon at Sunshine Hospitals Gachibowli, talking about various treatment options and the best preventive tips for these CBD Stones. For more information about gallbladder stones watch out the video or contact our expert doctors at Sunshine Hospital.

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