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Dr. Rajesh Vunnamatla Talks On Varicocele

The scrotum is a skinny sac which holds the testicles. The arteries and veins which deliver blood to the reproductive glands also located in the scrotum. The abnormality of a vein in the scrotum might result in a varicocele. The enlargement of the veins within the scrotum is called varicocele.

Varicoceles are commonly found in 15% of the adult male population and more common in men aged between 15 to 25. Generally, Varicoceles are formed during puberty and, most commonly found on the left side of the scrotum as the anatomy of the left and right side of the scrotum aren’t same. Varicoceles can exist rarely on both sides.

A varicocele can affect sperm production and quality, where in some cases can result in infertility. It can even shrink the testicles. Dr. Rajesh Vunnamatla, Consultant Advanced Laparoscopic & General Surgeon, at Sunshine Hospitals, Gachibowli talks about Varicocele and its treatment options. For more information and prevention tips contact our expert doctors right away.

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