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Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

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Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

Straight to Your Head: Immediately after you have your first sip, alcohol starts its manoeuvres that you can see yourself, but later don’t recollect what you did – the reason you find it difficult to store information in your long-term memory. The immediate effects, as soon as you take the first sip, include slowing down of your brain pathways that brain cells use to send signals and messages; slowing down of brain chemicals; changes in reflexes; alterations in your mood; loss of balance, etc.

Your Brain Shrinks

When you compare the anatomical structure of a normal non-alcoholic and an alcoholic, you can easily notice how excessive alcohol consumption can change the size, looks and extent of your brain cells. It shrinks your brain cells and their working ability. Owing to this effect, your cognitive ability, behaviour and even your learning and remembering ability diminishes. A person who is a heavy drinker can’t maintain proper body temperature and loss the control on body movements.

Alcohol Affects Your Sleep

The person who drinks alcohol can easily fall asleep because his or her brain activity slows down. Though the person dopes off more easily, yet the sleep is not sound. Alcohol processing process inside the body goes on throughout the night and once the effect diminishes, the body starts wearing out – owing to which the person feels restless and won’t get into a deep sleep – which is required for proper and complete restoration of the body and mind. The person may get abnormal and unusual dreams and get up more often throughout the night.

Stomach Issues

Have you ever imagined why long-term or heavy drinkers are always deficient in some of the vital nutrients that can be easily available to the body?

Alcohol stimulates stomach lining rather irritating them and cause the release of stomach juices. Release of enough stomach acid and build-up of alcohol make you nauseated – owing to which you vomit. Long-term alcohol abuse can disturb stomach lining by causing sores – which may turn into stomach ulcers. Heavy drinkers won’t feel hungry due to excessive stomach acid and alcohol build-up. Therefore, they may suffer from nutrients deficiencies.

Heartburn and Diarrhoea

In heavy drinkers – apart from the disturbances in the stomach lining, small intestine and colon can also get disturbed; and, the normal speed with which the food moves through them also gets affected. Alcohol thus leads to diarrhoea and heartburn.

Alcohol Makes You Go More often to Bathroom

The brain has the mechanism to control the excess production of urine as it releases a hormone that controls urine production. But this mechanism gets altered due to alcohol consumption – which in turn makes you go more often to the bathroom. Therefore, alcoholics can easily become dehydrated. Long-term alcohol consumption can overload the working capability of your kidneys making them prone to wear and tear. Long-term alcohol consumption and its toxic effects may break your kidneys down.

Liver Disease

Alcohol starts breaking down in the liver as soon as you drink. By doing so your liver processes plenty of toxins due to the breakdown of alcohol. Prolong drinking makes the liver thicker and thicker due to the build-up of fibrous tissue. The liver cells start to die off due to poor blood supply owing to the build-up of fibrous tissue. This leads to scarring and dying of liver tissues; scarring of liver tissues becomes progressive and leads to liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis causes end-stage liver disease and death.

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