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First Aid In Case Of An Accident

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First Aid In Case Of An Accident

Just in case you have to stumble through this blog amidst a crisis, we’ll get to the point directly.

So, start by calling for medical help. You can dial 108 or call us at Sunshine on  8008 108 108. The emergency healthcare executives will be able to give you customised guidance based on the situation in hand. Additionally, consider calling 101 (fire service) in case the accident scene would require tricky rescuing.

Again, very importantly, if you were in close proximity to the accident scene, check yourself for any possible injury. Try helping others only if you are uninjured.

Helping Injured People


 Now, let’s get to the first aid guide.

  • Firstly, turn off the engines of the vehicles involved in the crash. Spilled fuel from the engines can cause a fire.
  • Evaluate the casualties, make a note of the time (this will be useful during treatment) but do not move anyone unless they are in immediate danger.
  • Now, look for anyone who is unconscious. First, attend to the unconscious casualties.  If the person is still breathing, soothe them with kind, caring words and make them lean forward.If the person is not breathing, you have to perform a hands-only CPR. Spend at least 15 mins with the CPR unless the person responds.

   Road Accident


  • Watch out for any severe bleedings. Use clean cloth or cotton or gauge to control the bleeding. You may ask any shop, house or vehicle nearby for the supply of a first aid box.
  • However, if someone is bleeding from the ear, do not attempt to stop the bleeding. This could cause further harm.
  • A minor collision leading to swelling can be controlled using an ice pack until more help
  • If any object has pierced inside someone, do not attempt to remove it.
  • If any organ of the body looks ‘hanging’, or nearly detached, use a piece of cloth to hold them together. It might be possible to save the organ if they receive proper treatment on time. Even if any organ is completely detached, preserve it. If luck favours, a surgeon might be able to stitch it back and retain the functionality.
  • If there’s suspicion of a fracture, splint the bone with a firm object to stabilise it and relieve the pain.
  • When medical help arrives, assist them in working smoothly. And make sure, that every victim involved in the accident gets a health check-up, even if they are apparently unhurt. They could still have some internal injury.

The most important thing when you need around a road accident is calm and patience. Make sure that you take logical decisions and try to prevent any unnecessary fight among the parties involved the crash. This is not the time to judge who is right and who is wrong. This is the time to stay alive, to prevent health damage. On this note, let us also make an appeal to you that, if you do find yourself in a situation of crisis, please do not turn away fearing the consequences. Your little involvement may save some lives at the scene. Call Sunshine if you find yourself in any form of distress.


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