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Forgetting Things? Might NOT Be Dementia

With the rise in awareness through internet, about diseases such as Alzheimer’s, amnesia and dementia-that sound scary-even a little forgetfulness and you tend to think of all the possible diseases you might be suffering from, even if you are not. You should just ease down a little before jumping to such conclusive possibilities.

We all, as humans, are forgetful at times, we forget things that are unimportant, we are seemingly forgetful because maybe we didn’t pay much attention, we forget things when we are stressed or in  general, we are absent minded. It is important to know that not all forgetfulness should end in dementia. To put your fears to rest, this is an overview of what dementia actually is and how you might not have it.

Forgetting Things - Dementia

What actually is dementia?

Simple forgetfulness cannot be considered dementia. In fact just forgetfulness or absent mindedness cannot be diagnosed as dementia either, because dementia involves a loss of cognitive functions as well. Dementia is a disorder of mental processes such as cognition, reasoning, memory etc., also known as major neurocognitive disorder, dementia is not a disease in itself, it is a group of symptoms caused by other conditions like alzheimer’s. Around 60% to 80% of people with dementia suffer from Alzheimer’s. But there are as many as 50 other causes of dementia.

What is Dementia?

When the parts of the brain used for learning, thinking, memorizing, decision making, and language are damaged or diseased, is when you suffer from dementia. Most forms of dementia are degenerative, but if caught in time it’s progression can be slowed down with the help of medications and therapies.

So, by now, you might have realised that there are certain conditions that can cause dementia and you might not be suffering from any. If you still have your doubts, listed below are the symptoms of dementia, go through them to see if you struggle with any.

Symptoms of Dementia

  • Cognitive symptoms

-Memory loss

-Mental decline

-Confusion in the evening hours


-Inability to speak or understand language

-Making things up

-Mental confusion

-Inability to recognise common things

  • Behavioural symptoms


-Personality changes


-Lack of restraint

-Wandering and getting lost

  • Psychological Symptoms






-Mood swings


  • Motor loss symptoms

-Inability to combine muscle movements

-Unsteady walking

Very few middle aged people are likely to suffer from dementia, only people above 60 and have a history of the disease running in the family are likely to suffer from the condition, also if you have a family history of alzheimer’s, it increases the risk of getting dementia. So, that addresses another fear of yours, if you don’t see any of the above mentioned symptoms and just forgetfulness, you are not at risk. But if you think you suffer from the symptoms, we recommend that you see a doctor to rule out your symptoms.

Our Team of Doctors at sunshine are compassionate and sensitive towards your fears and apprehensions. We aim at delivering the best of our services to treat and cure our patients.

About The Doctor:

Dr. Anitha Kotha - Neurosurgeon

After completing her MBBS in 1999 and getting a gold medal from SVS Medical College in Mahboobnagar, Dr. Anitha Kotha went on to becoming the Diplomate in National Board for General Medicine at the prestigious Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences for 3 years. After that, she went on to serve as the Doctor of Medicine for Neurology in NIMS. Dr. Anitha is one of the most experienced neurosurgeons and is a life member of the prestigious Indian Academy of Neurology and also the Medical Association of India.

About Sunshine Hospitals:

A Multi Super Speciality Institution, 500 bedded Sunshine Hospitals (Paradise Circle, Secunderabad) is promoted by globally reputed Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. AV Gurava Reddy (Orthopedic Doctor) and like-minded associates who share the objective of making world-standard healthcare available, affordable and accessible to the common man.

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