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Here Are 10 Tips You Need To Follow To Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Here Are 10 Tips You Need To Follow To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Your heart beats continuously. From before you were born till the time you take your last breath (even when you feel breathless). It pumps blood which carries oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body. Undebatably, it is the most important organs of your body. Seeing how important the heart is and what will happen to you if it decides to revolt one day. Least you could do, is make an effort to keep it healthy and happy. You can do that very easily if you make up your mind.

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Here are a few tips which you can incorporate in your daily life to keep your heart strong and young.

  • Eat Good, Stay Hydrated. Do you want to do good to your body? Always start with food. When it comes to the heart, start with avoiding fatty foods and foods which have high cholesterol content. You could cut down the intake of salt a little bit also. Include loads of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and later, treat yourself to a bite of dark chocolate.

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  • Drink a lot of water and not packaged drinks and sodas. Most of them dehydrate you even further.
  • No tobacco, no drugs, no alcohol. Smoking tobacco is a hard no. Stay away from smoking as far as you can and this includes passive smoking as well. Misuse or overuse of drugs can make your heart stop without a warning. Alcohol is another common risk factor common belief is that small quantity helps in good health but it’s proven recently that even small quantity harms.


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  • Lift some weights. Exercise. Ask your trainer or a physiotherapist or your yoga instructor about what exercises you can do for the health of your heart. Generally, weight lifting, aerobic exercises work out your heart since it needs to pump more blood to meet the increased demand. Be careful not to overdo anything.
  • Be on a move, always. Don’t sit on your office desk all day. Don’t binge watch. Share a long drive with a friend. Take small frequent breaks. Sitting still for long hours might form tiny blood clots in your body which, if get carried into the heart or the arteries can prove devastating. Take a short stroll every hour – you could splash water in your eyes or breathe some fresh air – help your heart, eyes and your mind all at one go!
  • Sitting ideal for twenty minutes is as dangerous as smoking one cigarette.
  • Trim out some fat. Obesity and diabetes are strongly associated with heart conditions. Obese people run a higher risk of heart attacks due to the deposit of cholesterol or due to deep vein thrombosis. Belly fat is related to high blood pressure and an unhealthy blood lipid profile.


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  • Destress yourself. Psychology has a powerful connection with the heart. Haven’t you seen a few movies where a psychological shock give a person immense chest pain? You can feel it too, if you are in serious distress, you feel a congestive pain in your heart. Similarly, if you keep yourself happy it keeps your heart healthy. Some traditional societies even have a laughter therapy group. Try to engage in activities which give you happiness and makes you relax.
  • Give your mattress a little more company. Sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Sleeping too less or too much can both be harmful to your heart. Make sure that your sleep is peaceful and undisturbed.
  • Brush and shine your teeth. Did you know that the bacteria which decays your teeth and gums are the same ones which can affect you, heart? Well, now you have one more reason to take good care of your teeth. Practice good dental habits and visit a dentist biannually.
  • Educate yourself. Heart conditions do not always manifest themselves in the form a discomfort in the heart. It can be felt in your neck or arms or waist. Even dizziness and nausea can be related to heart conditions. This is why you should make yourself aware of the common symptoms of heart conditions.
  • Visit a doctor. No aspect of health is negligible. And if it is the heart, you won’t want to take a chance. Visit a doctor if you have any discomfort relating to your heart. Get checked out by a cardiologist if you have a history of heart conditions in your family. It’s never too early to visit a doctor; make sure, you are not too late!

Reading this blog or skimming through a hundred more will have no effect on your heart. But now you know what will help you keep your heart healthy. Then why wait? Visit us or book an appointment with us right away!.


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