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How does Mako Robot-assisted Joint Replacement customize a surgery?

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How does Mako Robot-assisted Joint Replacement customize a surgery?

Description –

With Sunshine Mako Robot, customization for surgery isn’t unthinkable anymore. With its help, surgeons can easily evaluate bone structures, disease severity, joint alignment and surrounding tissue arrangement. It lets them determine the optimal size, placement and alignment of implants, therefore, drastically improving the success rate of the surgery!


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Surgeons are masters. Their specialty guarantees excellence when it is limited to a certain ailment or a specific cause. Their practised hands have the ability to amplify, weaken, tweak or censor their operational procedures according to the patient they are working on. But human bodies are extremely complicated.

There are many variables involved when it comes to determining minor surgical characteristics like bone density. Even with years of surgical experience, an expert could make a totally understandable miscalculation, which may or may not result in giving a favourable outcome. If there aren’t any predictive tools available at the surgeon’s disposal during the operation, chances are that the surgery might not be as precise. This is a risk that surgeons from all over the world, in every medical field have to deal with.

But with the arrival of Sunshine Mako Robot, surgeons carrying out joint replacements at our facility have been rewarded with unmatched operating precision and surgical customization.

Let’s tell you how.

  • Imaging Technology of Sunshine Mako Robot

To the trained naked eye of the surgeon, estimating the depth, angle and length of an incision almost becomes a muscle memory. They obviously make changes according to the structure of the patient but more often than not, when they have to customize the incision, they resort to coordinating between various visualization tools for better imaging of the site. However, with built-in input from multiple CT-scans, Mako Robot proves to be a comprehensive aid that allows about 40X times the magnification of the operation site for the surgeon.

  • Unique virtual 3D Model Developed

The first step to patient specific pre-surgical plan by Sunshine Mako Robot is development of the virtual 3D model of the patient’s joint. This vivid model is drawn from a series of CT-scans taken before the surgery. With its help, the surgeon gets crucial insights regarding the anatomy of the joint structure and extent of damage. They also use this model to determine the bone density, joint alignment, encasing tissue arrangement, ligament connections etc. to prep thoroughly for the surgery.

  • Range-of-motion Assessment

Sunshine Mako Robot is haptic feedback-enabled, which means that while performing the surgery, every motion is tracked in real-time. This continuous data allows surgeons to minutely monitor their every movement throughout the procedure, while testing the resulting flexibility and tension in the joints. It also gives them the freedom to make procedural adjustments according to their observations. The surgeon then guides the robotic arm over the pre-defined site to remove the affected bone and makes a precise groove to fit in the implant. AI-programming of Mako does not permit the surgeon to operate out of the boundary limits, therefore keeping the surrounding tissues safe from harm.

This is why Sunshine Mako Robot is an unprecedented innovation in the chapter of modern joint replacements! Every patient is operated on with an individualized pre-surgical plan based on their external and internal anatomy. The level of customization offered accelerates the healing process, lowers the blood loss, minimizes the tissue damage and perfects the implant sizing for the joints.

This precision that Mako bestows is not only reproducible but it also takes the success rate of joint replacements from 90% to almost 100%. And with Mako by our side, we at Sunshine Hospitals will make sure that you get personalised treatment that can put you back on your feet in no time.


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