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How To Avoid Back Injuries In The Gym

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How To Avoid Back Injuries In The Gym

Six pack in six weeks sounds like a fitness deal made in heaven. But as tempting as it might sound, it comes with a huge risk of muscle straining. In fact, any fitness course that is too vigorous from its initial stage is very risky. But unfortunately, many of us fall for such lucrative ‘fitness’ schemes and soon enough, many face severe strain to the muscles, sometimes to the extent of temporary disability.

This is why here is a collection of very useful tips that will guide you on how to start exercises to attain maximum fitness without having an adverse effect on your muscular health.


Tips To Avoid Muscle Soreness 

Stretch It Up.

How do you tear a strong thread? You make a sudden pull and it snaps, right? Now, the exact same thing will happen to your muscle and tendon if you walk inside a gym and lift you the heaviest thing you can see – they will snap. So, before you start, stretch your stiffened muscles, loosen up and activate them for the task ahead.

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Warm Up.

Now, many people use ‘stretch up’ and ‘warm up’ interchangeably. And that often leads them to miss a vital step – warming up. When you exercise, it’s not just the muscles that work; you have to work on your breath too; your skeletal system will be put to use too. Your blood has to circulate more to meet the energy requirements. Just like your muscles, all of these other things also need a ‘stretch’. And that is why you need to warm up. Take deep breaths in and out, jog a little, swing your legs and arms, jump a rope – get your hormones flowing; just make sure that you feel physically energized for the work ahead.

Start Slowly.

During your initial days at the gym, do not practice any heavy exercise. You must start with the basic ones. They say ‘no pain, no gain’. True. But if you over do it, it will become ‘more pain and no gain’. Better, start with some simple exercises in small sets while you try out the advanced ones in even smaller sets.

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Proceed Gradually.

Once you have eased you way around the gym and familiarised yourself with your exercise routine, you can gradually start pushing your limits. You can increase the time you spend on exercising. However, it will be months before you start any vigorous training.


Rest. It’s very important. Your body can only take so much, it will need to rest so that it can function again. If you are hitting the gym, make sure that you give your body enough time to rest . At least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is suggested.

you must also take small breaks in between two types of exercises or two sets of exercises. This will allow you to catch your breath and prevent your muscles from over-straining. If you do not rest, you will not be able to strengthen your muscles – instead, they will become weaker than before.

Drink More Fluids.

When you exercise , you sweat,your body requires more water to generate more energy. That is why, always remember to keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Fruit juices will do the twin work of hydrating you and providing you with essential vitamins and minerals.

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But never drink cold fluids while exercising. Body heat is produced when you work out at the gym. If you drink cold water at that time, it can cause adverse effects in the body by making your muscles sore.

Eat Right.

Just like you cannot lose weight only through dieting, you cannot attain muscle strength only through gymming. When it comes to fitness, diet and exercise go hand in hand. Gymming will require you to provide your body with more fuel i.e. protein. Hence, include milk, cheese, meat, fish and eggs in your diet. Soyabeans and pulses are also good sources of protein.

Consult An Expert.

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Consult an expert. Always. A person who owns a gym need not necessarily be a fitness expert. Google definitely is not a fitness guide, and I am sure, Google will agree to that too. Each person’s health condition is different. So, consult an expert who can evaluate your fitness condition, your lifestyle choices and thus, can make a good exercise regimen that will help you attain your fitness goal.

But above all, be patient. Being patient is probably the most important quality you require when you go for gym. Do not expect results to show up in a day or even a week or even a month. At least wait a couple of months to see changes. It could require much more time if your gym routine is inconsistent. Perseverance is the key to smart gymming.


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