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How To Stay Away From The SERIAL KILLER: Road Traffic Accident

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How To Stay Away From The SERIAL KILLER: Road Traffic Accident

Okay, let’s make a checklist. Tick the ones which apply to you.

  • Accelerated through the yellow light before it turned red.
  • Driven past a red light (because ‘there were no other vehicles around’)
  • Rode a bike without a helmet.
  • Ignored the seatbelt.
  • Used a phone while driving.
  • Have a broken/missing rear-view mirror.
  • Got drunk & driven (because ‘it was just one beer’).
  • Driven without a license or insurance.
  • Didn’t take child-safety measures on the road (because you will ‘drive safe’).
  • Driven a car without proper mechanical servicing.
  • Driven a vehicle when you were still underage.
  • Broken a speed limit.
  • Mishandled indicators and hand signals.
  • Running a vehicle in the reverse direction of the road.
  • Ridden 3 people on a bike.

If you have ticked any of these traffic rule violations, take a seat. You and I need to talk.



Why Do We Have Traffic Rules? 

Before we start, let me ask you this: Have you been penalised for your actions?

Or have you tactfully saved yourself from the eyes of the law? Feeling pretty smart, are we?

Sad. But if unfortunately, (yet very probably) if you got injured in the act, you might have understood why we have traffic rules in the first place.

The government imposes traffic rules on us to keep commute smooth. But most importantly to KEEP US SAFE and not to loot us through fines and penalties. In any news channel, newspaper or even in the news feed of your Facebook page, you can see how many traumatic traffic accidents occur in each locality, many of which you deem as ‘silly’ or caused due to a ‘stupid mistake’. But it’s the combined ‘stupidity’ of the mass that keeps the trauma care centres of medical institutes filled.

Exactly how busy are our trauma centres?

Let’s get an idea…

A View On Traumatic Traffic Accidents In India 

  • Traffic accidents in India are a major source of deaths, injuries and property damage every year.
  • 11.6 people in every 100,000 people in India die in a road accident.
  • Most accidents occur during the peak-hours of afternoon and evening.
  • Bike & truck accidents cause the most number of traumatic accident deaths.
  • 1214 road crashes occur every day in India.

From this data, you can imagine how crucial it is for India to be more mindful in the traffic and follow the traffic rules more religiously. When you get involved in an accident, you are not only putting your life at danger, you are also threatening other people’s lives around you. And needless to mention, a traumatic accident will cause tremendous emotional trauma to your loved ones.



So, What Can You Do? 


Follow the traffic rules.

Ask your friends and family to follow the traffic rules. Take a step further and organise awareness programs that teach people about healthy traffic practices. But start small – start with yourself.


Keep The Mobile Away.

While you are riding or driving or crossing the road or even just walking along the sidewalks do not use your phone or any other electronic device. No music, no calls, no texting, no checking newsfeed in social media. If you need to use the map, stop your ride at a side, check out a portion of your route and then ride. Continue doing the same until you reach. Never use your phone when on the road.

Wear Your Safety Gears.

Wear a good quality helmet. If you hit your helmet in any situation, replace it with a new one. Make sure all the passengers are wearing their seatbelts. Check your engine’s functional condition regularly. Align your mirrors correctly.


Revise The Signals.

There are many more road signals apart from the red-yellow-green ones. Car indicators, hand signals of a traffic personal or even a co-driver are equally important. Be watchful. Also, make sure if you want to pass or change lanes, you give the proper signal before doing so.


Do Not Drive Under The Influence.

This basically means that you should not drive after consuming alcohol or drugs. In fact, you should not drive within 24 hours of receiving anaesthetic treatment. So, if you are returning from the dentist or from any treatment that required anaesthesia, arrange for a ride back home; do not ride yourself.


Watch The Speed Limit.

If the sign asks you to slow down, then slow down – there can be speed bumps ahead. Probably there is a school, or a hospital or a rough geographical terrain (India is, after all, known for its geographical diversity). Just because you want to reach your destination a little early, you can put many lives at risk by speeding. Not to sound cliche, but leave for your destination with a few extra minutes in hand. Most traumatic traffic accidents in India can be credited to the violation of these traffic rules. Make sure you do your part to make Indian roads a safer place. Follow traffic rules to avoid accidents, to avoid trauma.


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