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Keep Air Clean at Home to Prevent Allergy and Infection

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How to keep air clean at home

Keep Air Clean at Home to Prevent Allergy and Infection

The activities that we do throughout the day in our homes can change the quality of the air we breathe in. This is especially true when we cook something, do some painting work inside or get ourselves busy in hobbies like oil painting, fabric painting or woodworking. Furthermore, the problem gets aggravated by the inefficient cooling and heating systems that are put in place as they recirculate the air present in the house – which may have fumes, gases, pollen, dander, dust and dirt. You can take the following measures to keep the air inside your home clean.

Avoid using chemical-based cleaning agents

The cleaning agents that you use to clean clothes, utensils, toys, and even surfaces of kitchen, sinks, bathrooms, doors, and walls have the potential to trigger coughing, sneezing, runny nose (allergy) and asthma attacks. It is always better to avoid the cleaners that have fragrances, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and flammable compounds in them. The best alternative for you is to go for the ones that have natural ingredients or mild compounds. Those who are prone to asthma and allergies, the best bet is to use soap and water for cleaning.

Keep Houseplants inside

Small plants inside the living room and other areas of your home not only adorn your habitat but also make it healthy. They can be a boon for you particularly if your dwelling is not so ventilated or energy-efficient. These plants are capable of cleaning the air of chemicals, fumes, vapours and carbon dioxide and augmenting oxygen levels in the air you breathe. There are plenty of options for you to choose from – just go to a nearby plants nursery and choose the one which is best suitable for your abode.

Clean Air Filter of Your AC

Cleaning air-filter of your AC is a must especially when you live in a place which is damp and susceptible to the growth of moulds. Small children and the elderly are susceptible to Asthma and allergy attacks if they live in a company of pets. Accumulation of dust and particulate matter hinders the proper functioning of your air conditioner as the filter gets chocked and diverts the flow of air. Therefore, it is always better to get your AC’s air-filter checked by a professional at least once or twice in a quarter.

Regularly Clean Wet spaces

The one place many people mostly ignore at homes is the bathroom. Most of the time bathroom remains wet becoming a budding ground for microbes – such as molds as they love wet places to flourish. The best way one can stop the growth of the fungus is by keeping wet places dry. This can be done by switching on the fan or exhaust fan or wiping out the water after taking a shower and using towels. Similarly, water tubs and water storage areas must be cleaned regularly to keep the growth of molds at bay.

Minimize the Usage of Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are not so healthy as they smell owing to the presence of some aromatic and volatile organic compounds in them. The chemicals, gases, aerosols that are used to make them can irritate eyes, nose and throat and trigger allergic reactions. Some of the beauty products and cosmetics too contain such chemicals – and therefore – they too must be avoided.

Avoid Storing Wet Vegetables and Fruits

Wet fruits and vegetables are prone to decay due to the growth of fungus and bacteria on them. Long-term storage can also cause the growth of molds on fruits and vegetables. Therefore, prior to storing them, threw away the ones that seem to be contaminated by slime or mold growth. In addition, before storing fresh fruits and vegetables, ensure that they are completely dry – but prior to eating, wash them thoroughly.

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