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Knee Replacement Surgeries – All you need to know

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Knee Replacement Surgeries – All you need to know

Mobility is quite important to one’s life. Staying mobile also improves your health. But, the human body isn’t as flawless as a Swiss watch. The wear and tear of the body commences from the moment we step into the world. What’s alarming is that both the young and old are falling prey to knee aches. Due to perpetually lousy roads and the unhealthy lives we are leading, our knee joints are decaying faster than ever. At one point, they can no longer support us and cause unbearable pain.

Thanks to biological sciences, doctors have come up with artificial knee joints. In other words, they are called knee replacements. At one point, we (yeah, myself included) will have opt for knee replacement to retain the spring in our step.

Knee Replacement Surgery

What causes knee aches?

Arthritis or knee aches used to be an old age exclusive feature. Unfortunately, the young are also sharing the same pain. There are over 180 million Indians who are suffering from arthritis and a substantial amount of that populace are youngsters below 25 years of age.

To complicate matters, there are numerous types of arthritis. Most prevalent ones which are affecting the society are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis: This condition can affect any joint in the body. To ensure you have a smooth movement of your limbs, the body has a soft padding called cartilage at the joints. Due to their softness and rubber-like nature, we strut around without any hesitation. To ensure fluidic movements, there is a membrane called synovium. This membrane generates a liquid which keeps the cartilage lubricated. But, when osteoarthritis sets in, cartilage decay starts and you start experiencing knee aches.

This disease will make you its best friend due to a handful of reasons. Unfortunately (in this particular case), we inherit a lot of traits from our parents and nearest relatives. When your genes are imprinted with undesired traits such as improper bone structure, you are likely to develop this condition. If genes aren’t culprit, then it’s your weight. Due to excess weight, your knee joints will wear off at a faster rate. The last cause is overuse. Doing more than necessary amount of cardio or even if you are athlete can lead to osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when your body self-inflicts damage to your knee joints. Due to an inexplicable reason, your immune system misunderstands synovium as a foreign element and proactively attacks it. As a result, synovium won’t generate the right amount of lubricant fluid and this generates friction in your knees. If neglected, there will be abrasive action in the joints and you will have difficulty walking. To regain your former mobility, you will have to opt for the Hobson’s choice: knee replacements.

Knee replacement

Medically called ‘knee arthroplasty’, knee replacement surgery is done when your knees are in irreparable state. Just because you have a mild knee ache, the doctor’s don’t do arthroplasty. Various medication, dietary changes and walking supports are prescribed. If all else fails, then the replacement surgery is performed.

The procedure isn’t too complicated to understand. The surgeon slices open your affected knee and cuts away the cartilage. To facilitate smooth transition, a portion of the bone is also chopped away. Once this is done, the artificial joint is placed. With advanced polymers and high quality alloys, the knee will regain its former glory.

Knee Replacement

Post-knee replacement

There will be a throbbing pain in the knee once arthroplasty is done. The silver lining of this situation is that the pain lasts for about a week, in most cases. For a while, you will be asked to stroll around with a walking support aid. You will be advised not to engage in physically challenging exercises for a period of time depending on your body type. Basic exercises will need to be performed by you to improve the blood flow in the region.

What you need to watch out is for signs of infections. If the knee hasn’t been operated upon properly, you will contract fever, chills and the knee will start to swell. If neglected, the cardiac functions of your body will be impacted. Hence, it is important to approach the right people. At Sunshine Hospitals, a new and healthy chapter will dawn upon you as the doctors go the extra mile to make you walk without any hitches. After all, health is wealth and Sunshine Hospitals firmly believes in that.

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