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Know Everything About Bariatric Surgery

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Know Everything About Bariatric Surgery

Being overweight can be a hindrance in your social life, even if you want to socialize, your weight becomes an embarrassment and you would rather not go anywhere than to face people and their questions followed by truckload suggestions and advice, which you’d have already tried. Amidst all this, one option that keeps crossing your mind is surgery. As much as it appears to be scary, it has its benefits. The benefit of a social life, the benefit of being back in shape, and the benefit of mobility.  Scroll down to know everything you need to, about bariatric surgery.

First of all, let’s see what bariatric surgery is

Bariatric surgery is a group of procedures recommended for people who are obese. It is one of the only options that almost always works for heavy people, who are unable to lose weight by all other means, it also mysteriously causes other chronic diseases like, sleep apnea, acid reflux, high blood pressure and even diabetes, to vanish after the procedure is completed.

  • The procedures cause weight loss by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold, not letting the stomach absorb nutrients, or by a combination of both food restriction and malabsorption. The procedures may often lead to hormonal changes. The procedures are mostly laparoscopic, which means they are minimally invasive techniques, which helps in reducing the downtime drastically.

What are the types of Bariatric surgery?

Bariatric procedures are of the following types,

  • Gastric bypass: The procedure is done in two parts, first a small stomach pouch is created by dividing the top of the stomach from the rest of the stomach. Then the first portion of the small intestine is divided from the lower portion and brought up to connect to the newly created small stomach pouch. The top portion of the divided small intestine is connected to the remaining small intestine further down so that the stomach acids and digestive enzymes mix with the food.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy: In this procedure, approximately 80 percent of the stomach is removed. The remaining stomach is a tubular pouch that more or less looks like a banana
  • Adjustable gastric band: this procedure involves an inflatable band that is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. It creates a small stomach pouch above the band.
  • Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch: The procedure is performed in two parts, first, a smaller, tubular stomach pouch is created by removing a portion of the stomach, then a large portion of the small intestine is bypassed. The procedure is similar to the gastric bypass.Types of Bariatric Surgery

What are the advantages of bariatric surgery?

  • The procedures produce a significant long-term weight loss.
  • They restrict the amount of food that can be consumed so that there not much weight gain post procedure.
  • It produces favorable changes in gut hormones that reduce appetite and enhances satiety
  • Many of the procedures Involve a relatively short hospital stay of approximately 2 days and a lesser downtime than other procedures.
  • A few procedures eventually allow patients to eat near ‘normal’ meals again. After Bariatric Surgery

Every procedure comes with its share of complications and disadvantages which will be discussed with you before making a decision. Our team of doctors at Sunshine makes it a point to explain to you every little detail for you to make an informed choice keeping in mind that some procedures cannot be reversed.

About The Doctor

Dr. Venugopal Pareek

Dr. Venugopal Pareek is one of the best Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon in the city has done more than 9000 surgeries in 12 years. Trained in the esteemed Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences in Surgical Oncology, Dr. Pareek has the expertise in Bariatric Surgery. He has attended several conferences and published articles on medicine as well in various national and international journals.

About the hospital:

A Multi Super Speciality Institution, 500 bedded Sunshine Hospitals (Paradise Circle, Secunderabad) is promoted by globally reputed Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. AV Gurava Reddy (Orthopedic Doctor) and like-minded associates who share the objective of making world-standard healthcare available, affordable and accessible to the common man. Sunshine has now become one of the best hospitals for many treatments including Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Trauma and Neurology.

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