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Million Dollar Question – Can You Fight Cancer by The Plateful?

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Can Fight cancer

Million Dollar Question – Can You Fight Cancer by The Plateful?

Let us see what research says about fighting cancer by the plateful: According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, no single food can prevent or cure cancer, but the right combination can prove beneficial. The apt combination is to have at least two-third plant-based foods and one-third animal protein. Furthermore, consumption of colourful fruits and vegetables that are rich in cancer-fighting nutrients and cooking meat by adding plenty of healthy and protective vegetables can also help fight cancer.   The new plate as defined by the Cancer Institute is the robust cancer-fighting tool.

A balanced-diet helps strengthen the immune system and help you maintain healthy body weight. These are the two most important factors that help protect you against cancer. The following are the best food choices you can make to keep cancer in its tracks.

Cancer-fighting tomatoes

There are several studies that show the beneficial effects of tomatoes. In such studies consumption of tomatoes has been linked to a decreased risk of many types of cancer including oral and prostate cancers. It could be due to the presence of abundant lycopene – the pigment that imparts red colour to tomatoes.

Lycopene is one of the most powerful antioxidants. The processed tomato products (tomato sauce, paste, ketchup, juice) also have tremendous cancer-fighting potential.

Colourful fruits & vegetables help fight cancer

Eating fruits and vegetables helps in keeping an individual in good shape and improves health and well-being. The more colourful the fruits and vegetables are the more health benefits they provide owing to the presence of plenty of phytochemicals and cancer-fighting nutrients.

Regular consumption of a bowl of mixed fruits and vegetables helps in maintaining appropriate body weight which in turn helps in preventing several diseases and disorders including cancer as excess body weight is one of the risk factors for several types of cancers including colon, stomach and other gastrointestinal cancers.

Eat plenty of folate-rich foods

You should not take folate as supplements as there are plenty of food sources such as green leafy vegetables, beans, lettuce, spinach and sunflower seeds. The other rich sources of folate include eggs and asparagus. Therefore, it is better to eat green vegetables, colourful fruits and enriched grain products to get folate instead of taking pills.

Remember that naturally occurring folate, which is an important B vitamin can be found in copious amounts on your breakfast table if it has whole wheat-based foods and cereals fortified with folate. Even strawberries, watermelon, and orange juice are rich in folate. This vital B vitamin, when consumed from naturally occurring food sources, can help in protecting against breast, prostate, rectal and colon cancers.

Say no to processed meat

Occasionally eating a hot dog or any other meat products do not cause any harm to you, but regular consumption of processed meats and meat cooked at very high temperatures, such as deep-fried, grilled and roasted meat and meat products may increase the risk of stomach and colorectal cancers. Meats preserved by high salt content and by smoking can also increase the risk of cancer by forming potential cancer-causing chemicals.

Tea’s Anticancer Potential

Though tea has got good cancer-fighting properties, yet strong medically authenticated evidence is still in its nascent stages. Green tea, in particular, has very good cancer-fighting capabilities. In many research and laboratory studies, green tea has shown promising results in slowing down the progression of cancerous cells and also in lower the risk of breast, prostate, liver, colon, lung, skin, pancreatic, bladder and stomach cancers.


Turmeric can be an effective antioxidant with its very strong germ-fighting and anti-inflammatory abilities. The main active ingredient responsible for these beneficial properties is Curcumin.

Bottom Line

Remember! There is no anti-cancer diet or anti-cancer food – the reason, no single food or a group of foods alone can fight and ward off cancer. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet including green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds – colourful fruits and vegetables is the best for overall health and for fighting cancer. Similarly, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean proteins are good – whereas, processed meat and meat products, red meats, meat cooked at high temperatures are bad for your health. A healthy diet and a healthy body weight play a primary role in lowering the risk of cancer.

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