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Overview About Types Of Spinal Cord Injuries

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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Overview About Types Of Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries can happen to you, anytime or anywhere. That is something which is completely out of your control. Even though there are many ways of preventing them, it is not always possible to be in control of your environment and other external factors. An injury to your body can be serious in nature, especially if it occurs in particular parts which can affect the body to a great extent, one of them being the spine.

Spinal Cord

The extent of spinal injuries is increasing in India. However, road traffic accidents, sports, fall from a height can affect your spine and injure it to a great extent. Your spinal cord is not just one single bone, it is a structure which is a column of nerves protected by 31 vertebrae. Due to this, injury to the spinal cord can be to any part of the spinal cord and hence, there are various types of spinal cord injuries.

Types of Spinal Cord Injury :

Broadly speaking, the injuries to the spinal cord are mainly divided into two categories which are complete spinal cord injuries and incomplete spinal cord injuries.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries


Spinal Cord Injury


When it comes to incomplete spinal cord injuries, it refers to when an injury affects the spinal cord partially. In this case, the injury affects the person but allows the injured to retain some function. However, the functions you might be able to perform would depend on the degree of your injury.

There are also various subtypes of incomplete spinal cord injuries as well. They are:

Anterior cord syndrome: An anterior cord syndrome is a type of injury which affects the front of the spinal cord, eventually damaging the motor and sensory pathways in the spinal cord. You might be able to retain some sensation, but the movement is limited.

Central cord syndrome: This type of incomplete spinal injury affects the centre of the spinal cord. It damages the nerves which carry signals from the brain to the spinal cord. This type of injury can result in the loss of fine motor skills, can paralyse your arms, and have normal movements in your legs. Some of the patients also might suffer from loss of bowel or bladder control, or lose sexual function.

Brown-Sequard syndrome: In this type of incomplete spinal cord injury, the damage is sustained to one half of the spinal cord. The injury may be more intense on one side of your body; for instance, the movement may be impossible on the right side, but might be fully possible on the left. The degree greatly varies from patient to patient.

Complete Spinal Cord Injuries :

Contrary to what incomplete spinal cord injuries indicate, a complete spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord is totally affected by that injury. This means, that there is no function of the spinal cord due to the injury.

Apart from these types of spinal injuries, there are a few other types which often depend on the location of your injury and also whether or not the injury is complete. Depending on these factors, doctors assign various labels to these spinal cord injuries depending upon the nature of these particular injuries.

Most Common Types of Spinal Cord Injuries Include:

  • Tetraplegia: These injuries are the result of damage to the cervical spinal cord, and are typically the most severe of any other types. This can result in degrees of paralysis of all limbs. Often known as quadriplegia, tetraplegia completely disables your ability to move below the particular area of the injury and might result in difficulties with bladder and bowel control, various routine functions and also respiration. The injury is likely to be more severe depending on the area of the spinal cord which is affected.
  • Paraplegia: Paraplegia occurs when the sensation and movement are lost from the lower half of the body, including the legs. These injuries are the result of the damage to the thoracic spinal cord.


Common Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Your spinal cord controls motor functions of the lower part of your body. Any kind of injury might affect the functioning of various parts of the body, mainly below the waist. However, if you feel the slightest amount of pain on your spine due to a particular injury you might have suffered from, do not delay, Visit Us at Sunshine Hospitals so that Our Doctors can help you recover.

About The Spine Team :

The Department of Spine Surgery involves three fellowship-trained dedicated spine surgeons who are involved in patient care including evaluation, surgery and post-operative management. The team believes in the Seattle ‘Team’ approach which ensures patient safety and reduces the complications drastically.

The USP of the department is a team approach and expertise in complex surgeries.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with problems of the spine. We offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for all types of spine problems, from the most common to the most obscure. Whether your treatment is to be medical or surgical, we are dedicated to applying leading-edge technology, the latest techniques and the most effective therapies to help you feel, move and live better.

About Sunshine Hospitals: 

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