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Patient & Visitor’s Guide

Patient Admission Process

At Sunshine Hospitals, we pride ourselves in patient pampering. We strive to make the admission process into the hospital as smooth for the patient as possible.

The process of admission starts off with our front office team who generate a Unique Medical Record (UMR) number which acts as the patient’s passport throughout the hospital and is used to identify them in every department or procedure and on further visits also. They also generate an In-Patient Number (IP No.) which pertains to that particular admission only. The In Patient (IP) billing and admission department is conveniently located right next to our Out-Patient (OP) billing and reception counter.

The Admissions team will guide the patient through the various packages, room categories and tariffs after the consulting doctor’s advice to the patient on getting admitted.

If there is a requirement to send the patient to any other concerned department before admission, our executives at the help desk will mark out that area on the Sunshine layout map. Our executives will provide a helper to accompany the patient to that department so as to make navigating our corridors an easy process.

Patient Discharge Process

During your stay at the hospital, the healthcare team will explain in detail about your post- hospitalisation care needs, expected discharge date, and ways to obtain your follow-up care. All medical supplies needed at the time of discharge will be discussed and issued by the discharge nurse. Patient Care Executives (PCEs) will coordinate and ensure that all discharge arrangements are made at least a day before your discharge date. We advise you to be accompanied by a family member or a friend on the day of discharge to make a note of dos and don’ts post-discharge, basic self-help techniques and health education. All discharges are usually carried out between 10 am and 12 pm. Your duty nurse will inform you about the exact discharge time. Please note that the entire discharge procedure can take around 3 hours.

Special notes:

  • Ensure that you obtain all prescribed medicines from the outpatient pharmacy in the hospital premises before you leave.
  • Dietitian will counsel you and your family on how to prepare and follow the special diet at home that will enable your quick recovery.
  • Do take help in arranging transportation for going back home or other special needs.
  • Understand all problems that may follow after discharge, and take numbers of who to contact.
  • Understand what to do before leaving
  • Make sure not to leave any personal things and check bedside cabinets and wardrobes appropriately.
  • Return all used hospital gowns, children’s pyjamas, baby vests and blankets.
  • Pay all outstanding bills and don’t forget to take a receipt.

Patient’s Rights

  • Rights to Access to care
  • Right to Respect and dignity
  • Right to Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Right to Personal safety and security
  • Right to Identity
  • Right to Information
  • Right to consent
  • Right to Consultation
  • Right to Transfer and Continuity of care
  • Right to Complaint process

Patient’s Responsibilities

  • To provide complete and accurate information including patient’s full name, address, telephone numbers, age, insurance details, and other information, as required.
  • To provide accurate information about his/her healthy, including past illness or health problems, hospitalisation, allergies and current or past use of medication.
  • To read and understand all medical forms including consent forms thoroughly before signing.
  • To follow the prescriptions and agree with the treatment plan, and comply with the instructions given.
  • To keep any appointments made, or notify the hospital or clinic as early as possible in case unable to do so.
  • Not to ask healthcare providers to prove incorrect information, receipts or certificates.
  • Not to litter in the hospital and to use garbage bins, and to help the hospital authorities in keeping the hospital and its surroundings clean.
  • Not to smoke or spit inside the hospital premises.
  • To provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions regarding the quality and extent of services available at the hospital.
  • To ensure that payment of the bills is made on time as per the hospital’s policy.
  • To treat hospital staff and other patients with dignity and respect.
  • To follow the hospital rules concerning attendants, visiting hours and patient conduct.
  • Not to damage hospital property.
  • To refrain from bringing alcohol, drugs or weapons into the hospital.
  • To leave jewellery/valuables at home and bring only items necessary for the hospital stay.

For Visitors

Sunshine Hospitals believe that emotional support to the patients improves the recovery and the patients feel positive when visited by near and dear ones. The Sunshine Team has designed a visitor’s guide for the convenience of the patients and their family. Following these guidelines will help the patient to have a healthy and quick recovery.

Visiting Hours: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Visitor Instructions:

  • Visitors who have viral infections like cold and cough must avoid visiting the patient.
  • In case you are visiting someone in the ICU, please abstain from carrying flowers, food or other fancy gifts as personal space is limited.
  • Privacy and safety levels must be maintained in the ICU.
  • You may be interrupted by the nursing team due to routine patient care rounds.
  • Ensure you sit at a distance from the patient and the attached drips or catheters for safety purposes.
  • Make sure you do not touch any open wounds medical wires, or the medical equipment in the room.