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How Your Personality Can Affect Your Health

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Personality and health

How Your Personality Can Affect Your Health

Whether you believe or not your personality is an indicator of your health and well-being. Those who socialize, have friends and easily mingle with others are really in complete control of their mind and body and therefore, they are less likely to suffer from any major health conditions. Let us understand what research says about the unique personality traits of some people and their health status. The following information highlights such aspects of personality and health.


Extrovert are people who love to be with others – which means they socialize a lot and spend more time with others even strangers. This trait is beneficial in many ways. Research studies have shown that people who socialize a lot have stronger immune systems as they are less likely to suffer from common illnesses such as fever and common cold.


People who are egoistic or self-loving are known as narcissistic. They often feel that they deserve special status and treatment – and therefore, they take advantage of other people. Individuals with this personality trait are at an increased risk of developing certain health conditions – more likely, heart-related issues. Scientists have found the reason for their behaviour and came to the conclusion that narcissistic people have high levels of cortisol – it is a stress-related hormone – in their body. Such individuals may have high levels of cortisol even if they are not in stressful situations.


A person who is disposed to take a favourable view of things is known as optimistic. Such a person always has a positive outlook on life. This is a beneficial trait as it augments overall physical and mental well being of optimistic people. Therefore, optimistic people don’t fear illness rather face – not only illness but also any other hard situation with ease as they have the attitude to deal with it effectively. They have a better quality of life as they are capable of handling any situation in their lives.


Those who expect the worst possible outcome of a situation are literally worried about their future – and therefore – they remain unhappy, anxious and resentful. They don’t even sleep well, take their food on time and whenever they fall ill, they don’t take their medicines on time as well. But, sometimes their trait may act as a blessing in disguise as they are less likely to take risk expecting the worst to happen. In addition to this, pessimistic people are very cautious about their health and well-being and take immediate care and live longer.


Those who are capable of recovering from adversity, major health condition, financial loss or any other severe mental illness like depression are resilient people. They are very lively and energetic as they engage themselves in activities that make them exuberant such as exercise, outdoor activities and brain teasing activities like solving puzzles. In other words, such people engage with the world around them. Several research studies indicate that such activities make us stay mentally agile and active.

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