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Road to good life: Better safe than sorry

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Road to good life: Better safe than sorry

Potholes. A drunk driver. Rain. Speeding. Lack of protection. Broken traffic rules. Bad Luck.

Almost any one of these, or a combination of few could mean a road accident. It’s not uncommon for us to see a crowd gathered on the roads. More often than not,  before we do anything, we just send a silent prayer for the accident victim to be fine. The statistics on accidents are scary. It’s unbelievable how many road accidents take place on a daily basis, and the reasons behind those accidents are mind-boggling, too.

Every minute, Indian roads see one serious road accident. 1214 road crashes occur every day in India.

There are multiple reasons why this happens. Over a thousand road accidents is no matter of joke. With every accident, it’s not just the people involved in the accident who are impacted, it’s their entire families too. Here are some of the biggest reasons why there’s such a bloated number of road accidents happening.

No heed to traffic rules: This is perhaps one of the biggest concerns when it comes to traffic rules. One need not be driving to be involved in an accident. Many-a-time, people on vehicles ignore traffic signals and drive away even if the signal is green. While this in itself is dangerous for the driver, it’s equally dangerous for pedestrians also.

Drunk Driving: Being intoxicated is never a good time to drive. Under the influence of alcohol, the chances of a crash go up drastically.  If a person has more than 30 mg of alcohol per 100 al of blood, it’s technically classified as drunk driving. Interestingly, in India, drunk driving is a punishable offence, leading to imprisonment for six months or a fine of Rs 2,000, or both.

Of the total road crash deaths, two-wheelers account for 25%.

Lack of proper driving gear: We realise that driving is not as safe as we think or hope it is. Hence, it’s critical that we equip ourselves with gear that will keep us protected. Unfortunately, for many of us, this comes low in the list. The number of fatalities in two-wheeler accidents stem from the fact that in most such cases, the rider and the pillion rider both were without riding without helmets.

There have been more than 38,131 instances of over speeding vehicles in 2017.

Speed thrills, but also kills:

One of the biggest reasons why there are so many road accidents is speeding and reckless driving. Such callous attitude not just poses threat to the driver and people in that particular vehicle, but also to other people on the streets.

Every hour 16 people die in road accidents. 

The number of fatalities in road accidents are scary. While many people gather around an accident victim to assist them, very few people actually know how to do so. Most accident victims are handled without proper care, which in many cases, leads to aggravating their injuries. Some such cases also lead to deaths, because of lack of immediate medical attention. One thing that we all should be aware of is how to transport/transfer an accident victim. There is something called a log-roll, using which a patient should be shifted either to an ambulance, or to any other vehicle to be taken to the hospital.

So, what are the kind of injuries that are common in road accident victims?

Brain Injuries: These are the most dangerous kinds of injuries are sustained during road accidents. In most cases, high collision leads to people ramming their heads against steering wheels, roads, windows, and even other vehicles. This could lead to traumatic brain injuries, concussions, coma and even cognitive issues.

Back Injuries: Any injury to the spinal cord is not good news. Such injuries could cause significant damage to nerves leading to permanent loss of sensation, loss of mobility and function, loss of control over body parts and even paralysis.

Bone and muscle injury: These are the most common injuries that are sustained during road accidents. Road accidents could lead to broken bones and torn ligaments. It could also lead to cuts and bruises, sometimes of extreme nature, causing a massive loss of blood.

Neck and chest injuries: The most common thing to occur during an accident is a whiplash, where a sudden jerk causes the head and neck to move dramatically. This could cause muscle pulls, ligament tears and even damage to the vocal chords. Chest injuries could lead to broken limbs and even cardiac arrest due to the trauma.

With such scary stuff staring at us, it’s best we proceed with caution while we are on roads, After all, like mentioned, it’s not only the people involved in the accident who are harmed, it’s also their family and friends who suffer. Even though accidents can be avoided with some best practices, yet, in the unfortunate event of such an incident occurring, one should always choose the best doctors and facilities, so that the accident victims have the best shot at pulling it off

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