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Sleep and Beauty – Is there any link?

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Sleep and Beauty

Sleep and Beauty – Is there any link?

The looks and beauty depend on your sleep whether you agree on it or not, it is a fact. In fact, the charm on your face, the suppleness and the tone of your skin, the glow glossiness and texture – all depend on your sleep. Sleep-deprived men and women appear dull, lethargic and vague and are heavily stressed out – due to which their skin appear dim, less attractive and fluffy. Stress may also lead to the appearance of under-eye dark circles, blackheads and pimples on the skin. Therefore, let us understand why sound sleep is essential and how will it help improve the glow on your skin.

Sound sleep augments the healing process of skin

Sleep and beauty are related to sound sleep make you beautiful. During sleep, the healing process of skin and skin cells fasten – and therefore – when a person sleeps the skin cells start repairing the damage caused during the day. Owing to this reason, a person looks rosy and refreshingly fresh after waking up from deep sleep.

Sleep vanishes dark circles

If you want to get those bright, sparkling and exuberant eyes and keep dark circles at bay, then ensure that you are getting adequate sleep. Though dark circles run in families and steal the spotlight of your beauty, yet they are one of the outcomes of inadequate sleep. You have lots of other means to conceal dark circles as there are lots of creams and concealers are available, but a better bet would be to get to the root cause and ensure sound sleep.

Sleep improves skin tone

Those who remain awake whole night and who do not sleep properly throughout the night, have a skin that appears blotchy and pale and they look very tired and sluggish. On the other hand, those who sleep early in the night and enjoy wholesome sleep, their skin appears fresh, exuberant with healthy blood flow.

Sleep augments beauty

Those who sleep better and continuously do so appear younger, healthier, energetic, enthusiastic and agile compare to those who do not sleep better. According to a research study conducted by Swedish researchers, one group of people were asked to look at the pictures of sleep-deprived people and that of people who had adequate sleep and give their comments. The group identified the sleep-deprived people as dull, lethargic and less attractive and the well-rested people as healthy, attractive and exuberant.

Tips for better sleep and skin

A warm bath not only induces sleep but also makes your skin shine. If you find it difficult to sleep, then get your complete body massage done with natural oils, and then take warm water shower. After the bath, your body temperature drops a little making you feel sleepy.

  • Avoid salty and sugary beverages and drinks before going to sleep as they can dehydrate your skin – instead, drink water.
  • Avoid salty snack in the night as they can give a swollen face in the morning. Salt rich foods retain water and cause puffiness in the skin.
  • Sleep face up for fewer wrinkles.

Bottom Line

To sum it up it is a fact that sleep makes a person appear healthier, attractive and beautiful whereas sleep deprivation makes a person unhealthy, less attractive and less energetic.

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