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Tips that Help Deal with the Hard Days after Quitting Smoking

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Tips that Help Deal with the Hard Days after Quitting Smoking

Bad moods are fairly common during the first week of quitting smoking. Many people go back to smoking again owing to negative moods – anger, anxiety, fear, frustrations, stress and depression. But you can overcome bad moods by getting associated with family members and friends and indulging in activities that you enjoy the most. The following tips may help you deal with the hard days after quitting smoking.

Be Active

Keep yourself active and the simplest way to remain so is walking. In addition, take out at least an hour or so for an activity that helps you remain active – such as cycling, jogging, playing or just going outdoors. If you do so you will be distracted from cravings.

Take Support

Take the support of your best friend, wife, brother, sister or someone who can help you cope up with the tough period after smoking.

Make a Note of Things that Make you Feel Better

Make a list of all the good changes that you have been noticing after quitting smoking – such as improvement in taste, smelling better and improvement in energy levels, being in control; and, of course, saving money.

Visit Places You Love

Try to go to those places where you will be distracted more from your urge to smoke – go to a library and read an interesting book, watch a movie and visit a shopping mall or find your own ways.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid alcohol completely because you might not be able to control yourself after drinking as it shatters your commitment. Many people get back to smoking by drinking as smoking and drinking go in sync for some people.

Write Down the Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Pen down the reasons as to why you want to quit smoking. Post them at places which are frequently visited by you – such as bedroom, washroom, at work, in the kitchen, etc.

Keep Your Mouth Busy

Ensure that you put something tasty in your mouth whenever you feel the urge to smoke – it could be chewing gum, toffy, chocolate, snacks or fruits. However, keep a check on as you may gain weight.

Brush your teeth often to get rid of the need to light up a cigarette. Chew sugar-free chewing gum whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

Limit Caffeine Intake

Don’t take excess caffeine rather take it in moderation. Excessive coffee consumption makes you feel jittery, stressed, tense and anxious especially after quitting smoking.

Make a do to list and follow it diligently

If you feel like smoking, then instantly check your list and reward yourself with the positives that you have gained.

Sip Cold Water

Use a straw to sip cold water. It helps ease mood by releasing the feel-good dopamine hormone.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eat small meals at short-time intervals rather than eating big ones

Eat healthy and nutritious foods to avoid weight gain

Avoid the Company of Smokers

Don’t be with people who are casual smokers – they are real troublemakers – avoid them altogether.

Bottom Line

Be Committed to the Good Things that You are Doing

Don’t falter at the slightest of trouble – be committed, focussed and remain on track – your two to three weeks hard work would become a lifetime achievement – not only for you but also for your family.

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