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Spine Cord Injury: A burden that can be prevented

A short video by Dr Vamsi Krishna Varma, Consultant Spine Surgeon at Sunshine Hospitals on Spinal Cord Injury Day shows us a lot of insight into spinal cord injuries and their bearings on people’s lives. He talks about how a spinal cord injury is a social, physical and monetary burden. He tells us that the most common causes of these injuries are  freak and road accidents, falls in case of the elderly, sports and violence. While such injuries are  treatable, he tells us that prevention is definitely better than cure. Watch the video for more insight on injuries, causes and prevention #SpinalCordInjuryAwarenessDay2017 #SpinalCordInjuryDay #PreventionOverCure #SunshineSpineCentre #SunshineHospitals