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Sunshine Hospitals FIRST EVER Combined CABG And Heart Tumor Removal

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Sunshine Hospitals FIRST EVER Combined CABG And Heart Tumor Removal

Sunshine Hospitals have performed the FIRST EVER combined CABG and heart tumour (left atrial myxoma) removal in an end-stage CKD dialysis dependent patient. This is the first time that any surgeon in the world has attempted this surgery. Naturally, the newspapers are buzzing with the news.



Today in this blog, we will give you the full scoop of the news!

Mr.  Mohd Aref Saleem (54) was suffering from a tumour in his heart (left atrial myxoma) which has also developed multiple blockages in his coronary artery. On top of that, this ailing patient from Yemen was also suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease for which he had been surviving on 3-4 cycles of dialysis per week for the last 5 years. His urine output was as low as just 50% of a that of a healthy adult.

Recently, he had developed a shortness of breath and was unable to take even a few steps.

With such a serious health condition, he approached Sunshine Hospitals to seek treatment. Our team of doctors have accessed his condition and diagnosed the extent of severity through various advanced diagnostic tests like 2D Echo, Coronary Angiography, and more.

Dr. Prateek and his team came to a decision that the only way to save his life will be performing a tumour removal surgery and coronary bypass surgery on him. However, such a combination of surgery had not yet been performed on a patient who receives regular dialysis every alternate day. It has a highly complicated and very risky procedure. But that was the only way to save Mr. Saleem. After counselling with his attendees, and discussing the scope and limitations of the surgery, the attendees consented to the procedure and the doctors started the treatment as per the plan.

On the morning of the surgery, he received dialysis and was shifted to the operation theatre. The expert surgeons removed a tumour and successfully performed the coronary bypass surgery. There were many surgical challenges that the surgeons had to cope with like fluid overloading during the surgery due to priming of the heart-lung machine, hyperkalemia during surgery due to repeated cardioplegia doses, tumour embolization to the brain due to concomitant CABG and other issues that they might encounter during the post-surgery period. However, Mr. Saleem did not suffer from any stroke or any cardiac compromise or any systemic complications.

The doctors were pleased with how fast he recovered from the surgery. Only within 24 hours, he was able to talk and eat. He no longer required ventilation. Within just 3 days, he was able to walk. All the while he continued to receive dialysis every alternate day. He was well enough to be discharged after 7 days of hospital stay.

Sunshine owes this success to the brilliance of the doctoral team that included Dr. Prateek (cardiothoracic surgeon), Dr. Sanjeev (cardiologist), Dr. Srinivas  (cardiac anaesthetist), Dr. Krishna Patil (nephrologist) and Dr. Anand Joshi and his team (ICU care).

Sunshine is very proud to have been entrusted with the treatment of such complicated health conditions. We look forward to using our expertise to tackle such severe life-threatening conditions and make good examples to guide the medical world.

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