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Sunshine Mako Orthobot for joint replacements and its importance in today’s orthopaedics.

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Sunshine Mako Orthobot for joint replacements and its importance in today’s orthopaedics.

First, let us introduce you to Sunshine Mako Orthobot!

Sunshine Mako Orthobot is the world’s most advanced and India’s first 4th generation haptic feedback-enabled robot for robot-assisted joint replacement technology. It is a technology approved by the FDA all the way back in 2015. The machine utilizes AI & ML, 3D Virtual Modelling and MRI scanning technology to draft a customised pre-operative plan of the surgery for each individual patient.

Guided by this plan, the robot defines the boundary for the implant to be precisely placed. The surgeon then guides the robotic arm within these boundaries to get rid of the Arthritic tissue and finally place the Triathlon Implants in the right angle to complete the surgery. As a result, the patient is assured with 100% micro-precision incision, minimal scarring, reduced tissue damage, lowered blood loss, and freedom from painfully long post-operative recovery period.

Why is ‘Robotics’ the next big thing in the medical field?

Surgeons who are currently performing complicated surgeries are all well-qualified, globally trained and technologically-adept individuals. So why would proficient surgeons want to acquire these new skills and work with robots?

  1. Well, first of all, today’s generation of patients in India aremore evolved and fairly more aware of risks and consequences of a medical procedure. Most of them prefer surgeons or hospitals that can guarantee a higher success rate or have had an impeccable track record.
  2. Secondly, young medical professionals who have the passion and potential, as well as verified veteran surgeons who have managed to garner fame with consistently high success rate, all want to stay abreast with evolving technology. This is because robot-assisted surgeries accord improved procedural dexterity, ergonomics, safety and ease of surgery, all of which translate to refined patient outcomes.
  3. Thirdly, robot-assisted joint replacement surgery is still at its nascent stage of assimilating much deserved recognition in India. Adapting to use the latest 3D viewing techniques and manoeuvring instruments through an indirect console in robot-assisted surgical techniques is something that needs training and skill-based adaptation for the surgeons. Even the finest global surgeons may be unwilling to perform procedures involving newer techniques without verified training. Therefore, a certified training centre with formal skill assessment unit, preferably one with global recognition is the need of the hour in India.

It is truly the right time to introduce this path-breaking innovation which is a game-changer in the field of joint replacement surgery in our country. We are glad to be at the core of this revolution in Hyderabad and hope that patients all over the country gain access to quick and painless surgery and post-operative recovery.

To know more about robotic joint replacement surgery at Sunshine Hospitals call Dr. Sandeep at 91000 73093

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