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Surprising Causes of Bad breath

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Causes of Bad Breath

Surprising Causes of Bad breath

Hang out and boozing with friends could give you more than a hangover. Yes, it is true. Consumption of alcohol can dry out your mouth and makes the environment suitable for the bacteria that cause bad breath to flourish. In most cases, drying out of the mouth is the prominent cause of bad breath or halitosis. In addition, smoking, eating spicy foods and drinking caffeinated beverages can also cause bad breath. Let us see what are the other reasons for your bad breath.

Your tongue

Bacteria growing on the tongue are the leading cause of bad breath. Use tongue scrapers or toothbrush to clean your tongue. It is better to use scrapers rather than using a toothbrush. Do not use plastic or metallic scrapers as they are sharp and plastic ones could snap as they are brittle.

Common cold and respiratory tract infections

Common cold, respiratory tract infections and bronchitis are not only annoying but can also be a cause of bad breath. Congestion of nose during cold and sinus infection makes it difficult to breath normally and the person suffering from nose blockages and stuffy nose resorts to mouth-breathing – owing to which the mouth dries out and causes bad breath. Furthermore, bacteria causing bad odour flourish on mucus; therefore, during common cold and respiratory tract infections bad breath is a common issue.

Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcers may not be the direct cause of bad breath, but the ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori – a type of bacteria that cause infections and ulcers in the gut. According to an article published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology, Helicobacter pylori can cause bad breath.  Gastroenterologists recommend tests that are specific for the detection and diagnosis of H. pylori and treat the infections caused by the bacteria by prescribing antibiotics.


Medications and over-the-counter drugs can dry your mouth and cause bad breath. There are hundreds of over-the-counter and prescription drugs that can supress the normal flow of saliva and cause bad breath. Saliva helps in removing bacteria and food particles from the teeth and checking bad breath under control. Therefore, many dentists recommend us to keep our mouth moist by drinking enough water and chewing sugarless gum.

Acid Reflux or Heartburn

It is a very common digestive disorder. It is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It causes two symptoms – the undigested food come back and may be a cause for bad breath; and the second symptom is the postnasal drip due to irritation from stomach acid. Visit your doctor if you have acid reflux or heartburn problem.

Cracked Teeth and Fillings

Cracked teeth and fillings can cause bad breath as food particles get trapped within the cracks – owing to which bacteria grow and flourish causing gum disease, cavities and bad breath. Even the dentures that are not properly fixed can cause same issues. If you are suffering from bad breath, fix an appointment with your dentist at the earliest.

A dry mouth from not making as much saliva while you sleep also explains “morning breath.”


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