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Gone are the days every single thing that needed to be done demanded physical labour. Most of your work now is accomplished at the click of a button - food and fashion, tickets and travel - everything is now available

Each decision that you take in your life has undergone a lot of studies, reviews, emotions, and indeed a lot of willpower. One such decision that you have made in your life is to undergo a bariatric surgery for weight

Overweight, obese, heart conditions, diabetes all go hand in hand. In this fast life, health is not even prioritized nowadays. Fast food, aerated drinks, irregular food timings are all recipes of destruction. Dr venugopal pareek says  a person can gain

Being overweight can be a hindrance in your social life, even if you want to socialize, your weight becomes an embarrassment and you would rather not go anywhere than to face people and their questions followed by truckload suggestions and