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The Acid Test: Recovery From GERD

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The Acid Test: Recovery From GERD




Also ‘acidity’.

What we eat, at many points in time, determines how we feel. It also determines how our digestive system might behave. Many-a-time, it might cause our digestive system to revolt by causing us heartburn and making us feel like throwing up.

But what exactly is this situation called?

In a doctor’s language, you would be experiencing something called gastroesophageal reflux disease.

What happens to you when you have GERD? 

Heartburn is the commonest of all the symptoms causes extreme discomfort. Treating heartburn and gastric irritation leads to desperation to pacify the burning sensation inside.

Often, you might see yourself getting influenced by ads that show how some pacifiers help. With all the advertisements that you watch on television, the easiest way to treat heartburn is to buy those medicines and pop them into your stomach.

Managing GERD, and treatment choices:

These medicines might provide relief. They are not harmful. But they are also not going to treat the underlying problem. So, the best possible ways to treat a chronic GERD would be getting endoscopic or fundoplication procedures. These procedures are done by tightening or stitching up the muscles in the stomach to reduce the reflux.

What does the recovery time depend on?

As there are a variety of surgical options for GERD, the recovery is different depending on the type of surgery. But primarily it depends on whether the surgery is traditional or laparoscopic.

The different variations of surgeries and recovery:

Laparoscopic surgery involves quicker recovery time and less pain. However, traditional surgery might not be the right choice for many. Based on your requirement, your doctor and surgeon will be the right people to decide what might be best for you.

The traditional or open surgery usually would require a week’s stay in the hospital. Post discharge, it would take about six weeks before you can return to work.

A laparoscopic fundoplication surgery needs only a few days in the hospital. You might be able to return to work after a week. Laparoscopic fundoplication is a minimally invasive procedure.

There isn’t much to do, worry about after surgery for GERD. The best you can, or rather must do is to make a few changes in your lifestyle. Diet is a challenge that you can try taking up, to avoid GERD and many other acidic troubles.

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