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Tips For Maintaining Hygiene During Menstruation

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Tips For Maintaining Hygiene During Menstruation

Women have a love-hate relationship with their periods. While the onset of ‘that time of the month’ is met with a frown in most of the cases, yet, a missed period can only bring good news to a couple that is planning a family. Even in that case, a regular menstrual cycle plays a big role as it’s closely associated with fertility.

Now, while it’s understandable that periods are perhaps one of the most uncomfortable times for women, yet, it’s equally essential to realise that staying on top when it comes to personal health is generally necessary for a healthy life, but more so during periods.

Routine things like keeping the genital areas, underarms and places which incur more sweat than others need to be kept clean and as much fresh as possible. It is more important to keep them that way especially during the menstrual time because during periods women are more vulnerable to contracting a bacterial infection, mainly due to the change in the vagina’s PH balance.

Menstruation Hygenie Tips

Keeping genitals clean 

Women are more vulnerable to bacterial infection during menstrual cycles, changes to the way genitals are cleaned also need to change during that period. For instance, ensure the use of non-perfumed soap or only make do with water, because the use of any perfumed soap, shower gels or bubble bath for that matter could have a drying effect on the delicate areas of mucous membranes in the vagina. These could severely upset the highly sensitive PH balance. Additionally, avoid washing the vagina from the inside, generally or during periods.

Use of fresh innerwear and sanitary protection

During the menstrual cycle, the odour is often the problem. Wearing fresh underwear, daily, and changing sanitary protection daily is essential to avoid much of the problem with menstrual smell. It does not matter what type of pads one uses, although it is imperative its changed at least 4-5 times each day or even number of times when the menstrual flow is at its heaviest. On the other hand, avoid tight clothing or non breathable fabrics like the synthetic types, because they tend to cause more moisture as well as heat, which could give way for bacteria to thrive. Cotton clothing for that period should do the trick as well as clothing that are of the loose fit. It will help you keep fresh and keep the inner parts as dry as possible.

Tips During Menstruation

Avoiding chemicals 

As mentioned earlier, it is during the menstrual time that the body becomes more vulnerable to bacterias and to avoid the odour which might be present during this time, do not take measures like using a deodorant or some fragrant perfume to hide the smell. The vagina will always have its own, slight odour, which is inoffensive otherwise. However, avoiding chemicals will help keep the vaginal area cleaner than what those sprays might promise. These chemicals provide a kind of cover to any part of the body, including the vagina which becomes vulnerable to moisture and thus a hub for bacteria to thrive.

After-cleaning of wearables

Ensure the bedsheets, clothes or any other items used during the menstrual cycle, which might be affected during that period are cleaned with a disinfectant after each use. For instance, bed sheets could become a place where bacteria are attracted and if not appropriately cleaned could help it thrive causing multiple other unrelated problems, not only for you but also for others who might use it. The same goes for clothes and other stuff you might be using during this period.

Understanding Sex

It is not precisely harmful or medically forbidden to have sexual intercourse during periods, but first and foremost, ensure you practice safe sex, especially during this period. On the other hand, why many doctors are sceptical about advising women to have sex during the menstrual time is because there is an increased chance of passing on or even contracting many blood-borne diseases that could be the case during menstruation.

Sex During Periods

Overall, it is essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene generally and more so during menstrual time. It would help the keep many harmful bacterias out of sight and also help the person being less vulnerable to any kind of infections caused by those bacterias. Overall maintaining good hygiene will act for a healthy living habit, especially during menstrual time.

About The Doctor:

Dr Neerajavalli- Gynaecologist

Dr Neerajavalli- Gynaecologist

Dr Neerajavalli G is a renowned Gynaecologist and is well known for her laparoscopic surgeries and infertility treatments. Presently, she is practicing in the Gachibowli branch of Sunshine Hospitals.

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