Types Of Brain Tumours

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Types Of Brain Tumours

The brain is the control centre of the body. It makes your organs and body perform tasks – from simple ones like blinking, to major ones like blood circulation, speech, vision and so on. It thrives on the blood that the heart pumps through arteries and veins. This interdependence of each of your organs in your body is what makes your body perfectly functioning.

 Human Brain

But just like most of your other organs in your body, your brain can also be subjected to harm in the form of injuries, clots or even cancers. Brain tumours are one of the most dangerous forms of brain diseases where there is an abnormal growth of cells your brain.  Just like other tumours found in your body, a brain tumour can be benign or malignant. Benign brain tumours are not harmful because they do not have cancer cells present in them. Benign brain tumours can be removed surgically without affecting various other parts of the brain. However, if left undiagnosed, a benign brain tumour can become cancerous over time. On the other hand, a malignant brain tumour has cancer cells.

Brain Tumour

However, brain tumours are broadly classified into two types:

  1. Primary Brain Tumour – These tumours start in the brain and tend to stay there without spreading to other parts of the body.
  2. Secondary Brain Tumour – This type of tumours start in other parts of the body and tend to spread to the brain. Secondary brain tumours are more common. Lung, kidney, breast or colon cancers tend to spread to the brain.

However, the primary brain tumours which are found in adults are:

Meningiomas – They are the most common types of brain tumours. They grow very slowly but can eventually spread to surrounding brain tissue. Such tumours are very dangerous as they do not show any symptom until they reach an advanced stage.

 Primary Brain Tumours


Astrocytomas – These cells occur usually in the cerebrum which is the largest part of the brain and cause seizures or other changes in behaviour. These tumours generally stay localised to the brain and do not grow outside of the brain or the spinal cord.

Gliomas – The nerves in your brain are surrounded and protected by certain protective cells.  Gliomas occur within these cells. If you do not receive treatment soon, they can become fatal very fast.

Pituitary Tumour – An abnormal growth within the pituitary gland is what we call a pituitary tumour. The pituitary is a gland inside your brain that releases hormones that regulate the functioning of many important body functions. However, they do not spread outside the gland. Small pituitary tumours can be cured with some anti-growth medicines.

Cerebellopontine Angle Tumour – These tumours are found in a space between the cerebellum and the brainstem (called cerebellopontine angle). These tumours affect the coordination between the brain and the spinal cord. Another type of tumour can be found in the surrounding areas, called posterior fossa.

Craniopharyngioma – Craniopharyngioma is chiefly seen in children. It is formed near the pituitary gland embryonic tissue. This means that these tumours can be present in a child from before birth. However, when these tumours will be detected depends on how fast they grow. In some cases, they stay undetected till adult age.

Brain tumours are harmful and can be fatal if not diagnosed in time, regardless of if they are benign or malignant. If you experience symptoms like seizures, changes in speech, problems with balance or various personality changes, Visit Us at Sunshine Hospitals so that Our Team of Doctors can diagnose the condition and treat it accordingly.


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