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What Are Lifestyle Disorders?

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What Are Lifestyle Disorders?

The lifestyle that most of you lead might be really ‘cool’ and help you fill up your bank balance well, but this lifestyle in itself is a disorder. Unhealthy dietary habits, irregular sleep cycles and overdependence on technology has resulted in lifestyle diseases seeing an upward spike.

How Do You Define ‘Lifestyle Disorders’?

Problems like hypertension, overweight issues or obesity-related issues which give rise to multiple cardiovascular problems and many others are all associated with the term ‘Lifestyle Disorders’. Those two words go on to explain quite a bit about the problems and are directly associated with how a person’s lifestyle pans out. Today is a different time of life; the lifestyles have changed, which in India is called ‘Westernisation’ while in the west they blame it on technology and other things like purchasing power and easy availability and access to an unhealthy way of life.

Life Style Disease

Fact Check

Research has found that globally, about 15 million people die every year. These people are between the ages 30-69 and the primary reasons for these deaths are directly associated with problems like heart attacks, diabetes and high blood pressure. From another perspective, a lack of regular exercises and the easy availability of resources has made life a tricky prospect, which has become concerning and vulnerable to problems, which are known as lifestyle disorders.

What Are Some Of The Common Lifestyle Diseases?

Here are some of the most prominent lifestyle diseases that many of you deal with today, mainly due to a lack of paying proper attention to our health and falling in for more consumption than we might need.

Life Style Diseases


One of the most common problems associated with multiple disorders today. A simple calculation of one’s body mass index or BMI will be able to tell a lot about your obesity levels. If the BMI is higher than 25 than a person falls under the obese category, Obesity is fueled by unhealthy eating habits, stressful lifestyle and mainly due to reduced physical activity. Through obesity, a person is likely to suffer from issues such as breathing, blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc.  Apart from those, an obese body also tends to attract many other lifestyle diseases. Due to the increased perks of consumption today, in India especially there are about a reported 160 million people suffering from obesity and this number is growing by nearly 34% every year.


Arteriosclerosis is a condition that causes the arterial blood vessel walls to lose elasticity and thicken and is the primary reason for disorders associated with blood circulation, heart attacks and chest pains. Naturally, there is a link to obesity as well as diabetes and high blood pressure. A reported 30-40% of deaths due to cardiovascular problems are directly associated with the age group between 34-64 in India.

Heart Diseases

Heart disease is defined as an abnormality or irregularity that could affect the heart and blood vessel walls, causing functionality problems of the heart. There are more than 50 million Indians that suffer from hearing issues, making it the no.1 country with associated problems of the heart. Smoking, high cholesterol and diabetes are credited with heart diseases and become its no.1 cause.

Life Style Disorders

High Blood Pressure

Stress, obesity, genetic factors and many unhealthy ways like eating, lack of exercises all lead to high blood pressure problems in people. About 100 million people in India alone suffer from it. When the blood pressure reading is 140-90 or higher, then the person does suffer from high blood pressure and is the cause of severe discomfort until its cured.

Type II Diabetes – 

Going back to Obesity, type II diabetes is a direct result of that problem. This form of diabetes is due to the non-insulin that adults develop and is associated with poor eating habits and uneven lifestyle choices. Currently, there are more than 40 million people already facing this problem in India, and the number refuses to cease down, as it is expected to increase significantly every year.


Cancer is a direct result of a frailing immunity system of the body, and a stressful lifestyle one might be leading. A weak immune system will give way for deadly viruses to perform their attack on our collection and allow it entry into our system. Cancer is defined as irregular cell growth in our body and is caused due to many reasons like smoking, lifestyle choices etc.


Stroke is caused due to the blood vessel that carries blood to the brain sustains a blockage. This condition leads to an oxygen deficiency in the area of the brain where the blood is supposed to reach and results in a stroke. High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for the problem and hence needs to be taken care of properly, right from the off.

The problems mentioned above are some of the common issues people of today face due to lifestyle choices and poor health habits. There are many other problems associated with lifestyle disorders, but the most significant challenge remains with the people and their ignorant choices of leading a life, which is causing increasing issues among millions of Indians on an annual basis.

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