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What Are The Symptoms Of An ACL Tear?

An ACL – Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear is an injury that damages one of the ligaments in the knee. Ligaments are a firm band of tissues which connects one bone to another bone to form flexible joints.

When this ligament is injured, it can be stretched, partially torn, or completely torn. The complete tears of the ACL make the knee joint very loose and unstable. Unlike progressive knee conditions like knee arthritis, the signs of an ACL tear will be sudden onset and are noticeable.

Generally, if the condition is not treated, the swelling and pain in the knee subside for several weeks and the instability of the knee persists. The condition disables the ability of a person to engage in athletics and even daily activities. In particular, it becomes even more difficult for a person to walk on downstairs and stand up from a sitting position.

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